Brahma Kumaris Murli English 15 September 2019

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 15 September 2019

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 15 September 2019
    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 15 September 2019

    15/09/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 28/01/85 

    The easy method for doing world service is to serve through the mind. 

    Today, the Almighty Authority Father is seeing His Shakti Army, the Pandava Army, the Spiritual Army. He is seeing to what extent the mahavirs of the army have become victorious with their spiritual power. Baba is especially looking at three powers. To what extent has the power of the mind of each mahavir soul been imbibed for self-transformation and service? In the same way, to what extent have the power of words and the power of actions - that is the power of elevated actions - been accumulated? In order to become a victorious jewel, all of these three powers are essential. If even one of the three powers is lacking, the present attainment and also the reward are reduced. A victorious jewel means one who is full of all three powers. The basis of becoming a world server and therefore one who has a right to the kingdom of the world is being full of all these three powers. There is a difference between becoming a server and a world server - a worldly king and a golden-aged king. There are many servers but only a few world servers. A server means one who has imbibed all three powers, numberwise, according to his capacity. A world server means one who is full of all three powers. Today, Baba was seeing the percentage of all three powers in each one. 

    No matter whether a soul is personally in front of you, close to you or even far away, through the most elevated power of your mind you can enable that soul to experience power that gives attainment in a second. The power of the mind is able to make a soul whose state of mind is in upheaval become completely unshakeable. The power of the mind means good wishes and elevated feelings. With these elevated feelings you can transform a soul with a doubting intellect into one who has an intellect filled with love and devotion. With these elevated feelings you can transform a soul’s wasteful feelings into powerful feelings. With these elevated feelings, you can even change the nature of a soul. With the power of elevated feelings you can enable a soul to experience the fruit of love and devotion. With elevated feelings you can bring a soul closer to God. Elevated feelings can transform the line of fortune of a soul. Elevated feelings can make a soul with no courage very courageous. You can serve any soul with your mind by using the method of these elevated feelings. According to the present time, service through the mind is absolutely essential. However, service through the mind can only be done by those whose stage of the mind, that is, whose thoughts are constantly elevated and altruistic for everyone. Let there always be the feeling of wanting to uplift others. Let there be the elevated feeling of uplifting even those who defame you. Let there always be feelings of a bestower. Through your self-transformation and elevated actions, you constantly have to inspire others to perform elevated actions. You need to be beyond such feelings as, “This one should do something, then I will also do it. This one should do something and I will then do something” or “This one should at least do something.” “No one can do this.” However, even then, to have feelings of mercy, feelings of co-operation and feelings of empowerment is known as being a server who serves through the mind. Whilst in one place, you can serve everywhere with your mind. For serving through words and actions, you have to go there physically, but you can serve with your mind wherever you may be sitting. 

    Service of the mind is a spiritual wireless set through which you can make a distant relationship into a close relationship. Whilst sitting at a distance away, you can give a soul a message and create in him zeal and enthusiasm about belonging to the Father, so that that soul experiences that a great power is calling him or that he is being inspired by some invaluable inspirations. Just as you create zeal and enthusiasm in some souls by personally giving them a message, in the same way, from the power of your mind, that soul will also experience someone to be personally speaking to him. Although you are at a distance, that soul will have the feeling that you are in front of him. The easy way to become a world server is to do service with the mind. Scientists are trying to make their work powerful by putting satellites beyond this physical world. They are going from the corporeal to the subtle. Why? Because the subtle is more powerful. The power of the mind, too, is based on being introverted which enables you to reach wherever you want, as soon as you want. Science enables those who go beyond the gravity of the earth to become light. In the same way, souls who have a powerful state of mind automatically and constantly experience the double-light form. Just as those who are in a space shuttle can take a picture of whatever part of the earth they want because they are high up, in the same way, with the power of silence, by being in the shuttle of introversion with the power of the mind, you can inspire a soul to become an elevated soul and one with a good character. Scientists use a lot of time and money on everything whereas you can do a lot of service in a short time without any expense. Nowadays, they see flying saucers in different places. You hear about this on the news. That too is just a light that is seen. 

    In the same way, in the future, souls will experience you souls who serve with your minds to be like points of light coming, giving a unique experience and leaving: Who was that? Where did they come from? What did they give before they went away? This type of discussion will increase. Just as everyone’s vision is drawn to the stars in the sky, in the same way, they will experience the stars of the earth as divine lights everywhere. Such is the power of those who serve with their minds. Do you understand? There is also a lot more greatness, but Baba is only going to tell you this much today. Now increase the speed of serving through the mind for only then will the 900,000 become ready. What is the number until now, the golden jubilee? Until it is the diamond jubilee of the golden age, at least 900,000 have to become ready. Over whom would the world emperors rule otherwise? 900,000 stars have been remembered. Only when they experience souls in the form of stars will the 900,000 stars be remembered. Therefore, now give the experience of stars. Achcha. Congratulations to all those who have come from everywhere for becoming residents of Madhuban and congratulations too for celebrating the meeting. Always keep the congratulations of this imperishable experience with you. Do you understand? 

    To those who are constant mahavirs and who do elevated service with the greatness of the power of their minds, to those who attain success in unlimited service using the method of elevated feelings and elevated desires, to the world servers who, with their elevated stage, give elevated inspirations to all souls everywhere, to those with pure feelings who constantly give the fruit of devotion to all souls, to such world benefactors who uplift others, to the children who are serving the world, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste. 

    BapDada especially speaking to Kumars. 

    You kumars have become Brahma Kumars but, after becoming Brahma Kumars, what do you have to become? Powerful kumars. Until you become powerful, you cannot be victorious. Powerful kumars would always be knowledge-full and powerful souls. To be knowledge-full means to know the Creator, to know the creation, and to know the various forms of Maya too. Those who are knowledge-full and powerful in this way are always victorious. To imbibe knowledge in your life means to make knowledge your weapon. Those who are holding their weapons would be powerful, would they not? Today, on what basis are military people powerful? Because they have weapons and guns, they are fearless. Those who are knowledge-full will definitely be powerful and they would also have full knowledge of Maya. “What will happen? How will it happen? I don’t know how Maya came” - this means you are not knowledge-full. Knowledge-full souls know in advance. Those who are sensible know about their illness in advance. When someone is getting a fever, he would know in advance that something is happening, and so he would take medicine in advance and put himself right and get well. Someone who is not so sensible will get a fever and still keep moving around and the fever will keep increasing. Maya comes in this way too, but you have to understand this before she comes and chase her away from a distance. So, you are such sensible and powerful kumars, are you not? You are constantly victorious, are you not? Or, is it that Maya comes and it takes you time to chase her away? Seeing the power from a distance the enemy runs away. If they come and you have to chase them away, your time is then wasted and the habit of weakness is created. When someone falls ill again and again, he becomes weak, does he not? Or if someone repeatedly fails in his studies, it would be said that he is a weak student. In the same way, if Maya comes again and again and continues to attack you, you would then develop the habit of being defeated. Then, by repeatedly being defeated, you would become weak. Therefore, become strong! Such strong souls always experience attainment and do not waste their time battling. They happily celebrate their victory. So, let there not be any weakness of any kind. A kumar-intellect is good and healthy. By becoming a half-kumar, the intellect is divided. Kumars only have to do one thing, they just have to think about their own lives, whereas others have so many responsibilities. 

    You are free from responsibilities and those who are free will go ahead. Those who have a burden will go slowly. Those who are free would be light and would thereby go fast. So, are you those who are moving at a fast speed, and are constant and stable. Constantly fast means to be constant and stable. Let it not be that after six months, you continue to move as you were moving; that is not called a fast speed. Those who have a fast speed would be moving ahead tomorrow from where they are today. The day after, they would be further ahead. This is known as being one with a fast speed. So, always consider yourselves to be strong kumars. If you simply maintain the happiness that you have become Brahma Kumars but do not become strong, you cannot then become victorious. It is very good to become a Brahma Kumar, but those who are strong Brahma Kumars are constantly close. Those who are close now will be close in the kingdom too. If there isn’t closeness in your stage at the present time, there will not be closeness in the kingdom. The attainment of this time creates the reward for all time. Therefore, always be strong. Those who are powerful in this way can become world benefactors. Kumars have power anyway, whether it is physical power or spiritual power. However, is it power for world benefit or is it power to be used in the task of making the elevated world destructive? So, you are benevolent kumars, are you not? You are not those who cause harm. Let there always be feelings of benefit for all in your thoughts. Even in your dreams, let there be feelings of benevolence. This is known as being powerful in an elevated way. Kumars can do whatever they think of with their power. So, the thoughts and deeds are simultaneous. Let it not be that you have the thought today and the deed follows later. Let the thought and deed be the same and at the same time. Let there be such power. Only souls with such power can bring benefit to many souls. So, you are those who are constantly successful in service. Or, are you those who create conflict? In your thoughts and in your actions always be all right with everyone. Let there not be any conflict about anything. Always consider yourselves to be world benefactor kumars and whatever actions you perform will then be filled with feelings of benevolence. Achcha. 

    At the time of farewell at amrit vela, BapDada gave love and remembrance to all the children. 

    Let every task be auspicious. Let every task always be successful. Congratulations to all the children for that. In fact, every day of the confluence age is auspicious, elevated and one that gives zeal and enthusiasm. This is why each day has its own importance. On this day, let every thought be auspicious, that is, let it be one filled with purity and positivity. Let there be auspicious thoughts for others, that is, let your thoughts be filled with good wishes. Let every thought be auspicious, that is, let it bring happiness. So, always be especially aware of the importance of this day in every thought, word and deed. To have this awareness is to accept BapDada’s love and remembrance at every second. So Baba is not just giving love and remembrance at this time; for to do something practically means to receive love and remembrance. Throughout the day today, continue to receive this love and remembrance, that is, stay in remembrance and continue to move along in the waves of love with your every thought and word. Achcha. Special remembrance and good morning to everyone. 

    Avyakt BapDada’s special message for the Conference 

    BapDada said: Children are having a conference. A conference (Samelan – sam milan) means a meeting for all. Those who come to the conference definitely have to be made the same as yourselves, if not the same as the Father. All those who come definitely have to return having become something, not just having said something. This is the home of the Bestower. Let those who come not think that they have come to help us or to give us their co-operation, but let them think that this is a place for taking something, not for giving to it. Here, those you meet, small or big, those who are present here at that time, have to believe that they are to become master bestowers through their drishti, the atmosphere, their relationships and connections. You must send each one back having given them something. Let this be each one’s aim. Regard must definitely be given to those who come, but also let them all have regard for the one Father too. Baba said: If all of My lighthouse children give light everywhere by serving through their minds, then success is guaranteed. That one physical lighthouse guides so many people, and so you lighthouse and might house children can perform great wonders. Achcha. 

    Notice: Today is the third Sunday of the month, and everyone will collectively have International Yoga from 6.30pm to 7.30pm, by being stable in your incorporeal stage and experiencing your highest stage of the Supreme Abode. Sitting in sweet silence, do the service of giving the sakaash of peace. 


    May you have a right to become part of the royal family by being tied in Godly service and coming into a close relationship. 

    The bond of Godly service brings you into a close relationship. To the extent that you serve, accordingly, the fruit of that service brings you into a close relationship. Those who are servers here will claim a right to be part of the royal family there. To the extent that you put in hard work here, accordingly, you will be comfortably seated on a throne there, whereas those who are comfortably seated here will have to work there. The Father has the account of each and every second of each and every act. 


    Spread the vibration of world transformation through self-transformation at a fast speed. 

    ***OM SHANTI***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 15 September 2019

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