Brahma Kumaris Murli English 4 July 2019

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 4 July 2019

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 4 July 2019
    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 4 July 2019

    04/08/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 09/01/85 

    The spiritual personality of the elevated fortunate souls. 

    Today, the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, was seeing His elevated, fortunate children. Each child's line of fortune is so elevated and imperishable. All you children are fortunate because you all belong to the Bestower of Fortune. This is why fortune is your birthright. You have all automatically claimed a right in the form of a birthright. Everyone has a right, but there is a difference in experiencing that right in life for oneself and for others and in enabling others to experience it. To be worthy of the right to fortune and to stay in that happiness and intoxication and to make others fortunate through the Bestower of Fortune is to maintain the intoxication of having a right. Just as the intoxication of temporary wealth is visible on the face and in the behaviour of someone who has material wealth, in the same way, the intoxication of the wealth of the imperishable and elevated fortune received from the Bestower of Fortune is automatically visible on your faces and in your activities. The form of attainment of the wealth of elevated fortune is alokik and spiritual. Out of all souls in the world, the sparkle and spiritual intoxication of your elevated fortune is elevated, loving and unique. An elevated fortunate soul is always full and would be experienced as having that spiritual intoxication. The rays of the sun of elevated fortune would be experienced from a distance to be sparkling. The personality of the property of fortune of a fortunate soul would be experienced from a distance. Everyone would always experience spiritual royalty from the eyes of a soul with elevated fortune. No matter how many great souls with royalty and personality there may be in the world, in front of souls with elevated fortune, those with a worldly personality would experience that spiritual personality to be extremely elevated and unique. They would experience those souls with elevated fortune to be from a unique and alokik world, that they are completely unique ones who are called the people of Allah. When something new is invented, people just keep looking at it with love. In the same way, they become extremely happy to see souls with elevated fortune. 

    From the elevated attitude of elevated, fortunate souls, the atmosphere becomes such that others also experience themselves to be attaining something, that is, they experience the atmosphere or the environment to be one of attainment. They become lost in the experience of attaining something, of receiving something. Seeing the elevated, fortunate souls, their experience is as though a well itself has come walking to those who are thirsty. Souls who lack attainment experience some hope of attainment. In the midst of the darkness of hopelessness everywhere, they experience an ignited lamp of pure hopes. Disheartened souls experience happiness in their hearts. Have you become those with such elevated fortune? Do you know these spiritual specialities of yours? Do you accept them? Do you experience them? Or, do you just think about them and hear about them? Whilst walking and moving around, you don't ever forget the invaluable diamond of the soul with elevated fortune that’s hidden in your ordinary form, do you? You don't consider yourself to be an ordinary soul, do you? The body is old and ordinary, but the soul is great and special. Look at the horoscope of the fortune of the whole world! No one else can have a line of elevated fortune like the one you have. No matter how full of wealth souls are, how full souls are with the treasures of knowledge from the scriptures of the soul, how full souls are with the power of the knowledge of science, what would they appear to be in front of the fullness of fortune of all of you? They themselves have now begun to experience that although externally full, they are empty inside, whereas you are internally full and externally ordinary. Therefore, whilst constantly keeping your elevated fortune in your awareness, keep your spiritual intoxication of being powerful. Externally, you may appear to be ordinary, but let greatness be visible in that ordinariness. So, check yourself: Is greatness experienced in every ordinary act? When you have this experience yourself in this way, you will give this experience to others. Do you do your worldly business just as other people do their business or do you do it as a spiritual person belonging to God? While you walk and move along and come into connection with everyone, let them definitely experience and feel that there is something unique in your eyes and on your face. Even if they are not able to understand it clearly, whilst seeing it, let them at least have the question: What is this? Who are they? The arrow of this question will definitely bring them closer to the Father. Do you understand? You are souls with such elevated fortune. Seeing the innocence of the children, BapDada sometimes smiles. You belong to God but you become so innocent that you even forget your fortune. Anything that others don't forget, innocent children forget. Do people forget themselves? Does anyone forget the Father? So, you have become so innocent. For 63 births, you have learnt the wrong lesson so firmly that even when God tells you to forget it, you don't forget it. However, you do forget elevated things which is why you are so innocent. The Father says: This is also in My part in the drama with these innocent ones. You have been innocent for so long. Now, become master knowledge-full and master powerful, like the Father. Do you understand? Achcha. 

    To those who are constantly elevated and fortunate, to those who give others the power of becoming fortunate through their own fortune, to those who give the experience of greatness in ordinariness, to those who become fortunate from innocent, to those who constantly maintain the intoxication and happiness of the right to fortune, to those who become stars of fortune in the world and constantly sparkle, to such souls who are elevated and fortunate, love, remembrance and namaste from BapDada, the Bestower of Fortune. 

    BapDada meeting Madhuban resident brothers and sisters: 

    Madhuban residents means those who constantly make everyone sweet with their own sweetness and, with their attitude of unlimited disinterest, inspire others to have unlimited disinterest. The speciality of Madhuban residents is extreme sweetness and extreme disinterest. Those who keep this balance easily and automatically experience moving forward. The impact of both of these specialities of Madhuban falls on the world. Even though souls may not have knowledge, Madhuban is the lighthouse and might-house from which the light of the lighthouse falls on everyone whether they want it or not. To the extent that there are these vibrations here, accordingly, people will understand when they go back that you are unique. Whether it is due to their problems, circumstances or some lack of attainment, there is definitely an impact made on them through the attitude of temporary disinterest. When you become powerful here, then, there too, one powerful thing or another happens. The wave that exists here falls on people of the world as well on Brahmins. If those who are special instruments have enthusiasm for a short while and then become ordinary, then others would have enthusiasm and then become ordinary there too. So Madhuban is a special stage. On a physical stage, those who give lectures or are stage secretaries would definitely pay attention to the (physical) stage . Or would they think that it is just up to the one who is giving the lecture? There may be someone who is going to sing a short song or even just present a bouquet, but when he or she goes onto the stage, they would go with that speciality and attention. So, no matter what duty you have in Madhuban, whether you consider yourself to be small (junior) or great (senior), you are on the special stage of Madhuban. Madhuban means the great stage. So those who play a part on the great stage would be great, would they not? Everyone sees you in an elevated way because the praise of Madhuban means the praise of the residents of Madhuban. 

    Every word of the residents of Madhuban is a pearl; they are not words but pearls. It is as though pearls are being showered; you are not speaking but showering pearls. This is called sweetness. Speak such words that those who hear you think: I will also speak like that. Everyone who hears you should receive the inspiration to learn and follow you. Whatever words emerge let them be such that anyone would record them and then listen to them again. People tape something because they like it and then listen to it over and over again. Therefore, let your words be of such sweetness. Vibrations of such sweet words automatically spread in the world. This atmosphere automatically pulls those vibrations. So let your every word be great. Let every thought in your mind for every soul be great and sweet. Secondly, to the extent that all treasure-stores are full in Madhuban, to that extent, let there be unlimited disinterest. Let there be deep attainment and just as much of an attitude of disinterest, and it can then be said that you have an attitude of unlimited disinterest. If there is no attainment, how could there be an attitude of disinterest? If there is attainment and you have an attitude of disinterest at the same time, that is called unlimited disinterest. Whatever each of you does, you receive the fruit of that at the present time and you are definitely going to receive that in the future too. At the present time, you receive true love and blessings from everyone's heart and this attainment is even greater than the fortune of the kingdom of heaven. You can now understand how much each one's love and blessings make the heart move forward. The happiness that you experience from the blessings of everyone's heart is unique. You will experience it to be as though someone is holding you in the palms of his hands and making you fly. Everyone's love and blessings will give you this experience. Achcha. 

    All of you have had a thought filled with new zeal and enthusiasm for this New Year, have you not? Is there determination in that? Continue to revise any thought you have every day. Just as you continue to make something firm and it becomes very firm inside for you, so, too, do not let go of that thought you had. Revise that thought every day and make it determined and this determination will always be useful. Sometimes, you think about what thought you had created, and sometimes whilst moving along you even forget what thought you had, and then weakness comes. Revise it every day and repeat it in front of the Father every day and it will become firm and you will easily achieve success. The Father knows with how much love everyone sees each of the souls of Madhuban. The importance of the specialities of the residents of Madhuban is no less. If someone carries out even a small special task, then, although that is a task carried out in one place, everyone is inspired. So that soul receives their whole share of the benefit of that speciality. Therefore, when those from Madhuban have elevated thoughts, make plans or perform actions, it creates enthusiasm in everyone to learn. So, how much benefit a soul who creates enthusiasm in everyone would receive! All of you are this important. You do something in one corner and it spreads everywhere. Achcha. 

    A new plan for this year. This year, create a group so that, when others see the specialities of that group in a practical way, they are inspired and those vibrations spread everywhere. Just as the Government tells you to select a village and demonstrate to them by making a sample through which they can understand that you are doing something in a practical way and this will create an impact on them, so let such a group be created through which others are inspired. If anyone wants to see what virtue is, what power is, what knowledge is or what remembrance is, let the practical form of these be visible to them. If small groups become such practical examples, then those elevated vibrations will automatically spread into the atmosphere. Nowadays, everyone wants to see the practical form; they don't just want to hear. The impact of something practical reaches them very quickly. So let there be a practical form of such zeal and enthusiasm. Let there be such a group that others are easily able to receive inspirations from them and the inspirations reach everywhere in all directions. This will then continue to spread from one to two to three, etc. This is why you must now create some such speciality. Everyone understands that the special instrument souls are the proof and that they receive inspirations from them. In the same way, create further proof, and then, when they see this, they can all say: Yes, they are able to experience an embodiment of knowledge in a practical way. Fill the atmosphere with these pure and elevated actions and the attitude of pure, elevated thoughts. Demonstrate it by doing something like this. Nowadays, there isn't as much impact made by serving through words as there is by serving through the mind. When you speak one word and spread vibrations of a hundred words, there is then that impact. Words have become common, but the powerful vibrations that come with the words do not exist anywhere else. They only exist here. Show this speciality. Conferences and youth programmes take place all the time and they have to continue to take place. Zeal and enthusiasm increases with these two, but there is now a need for soul power. This is spreading vibrations through your attitude. This is powerful. Achcha. 


    May you always be victorious by adopting truth through imbibing the power of tolerance. 

    People of the world say that it is difficult for honest people to live in this world, that they have to tell lies. Many Brahmin souls also think that they sometimes have to conduct themselves with devious cleverness. However, you saw Father Brahma: he had to face so much opposition for truth and purity, but he was not afraid. For truth, you need to have the power of tolerance. You have to tolerate, you have to bow down, you have to accept defeat, but that is not defeat, it is victory for all time. 


    To be happy and to make others happy is to give blessings and receive blessings. 

    ***OM SHANTI***
    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 4 July 2019

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