Brahma Kumaris Murli English 25 August 2019

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 25 August 2019

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 25 August 2019
    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 25 August 2019

    25/08/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 18/01/85 

    Revelation through a promise 

    Today, on the day of power, the Powerful Father is seeing His powerful children. Today was the special day when Father Brahma gave the blessing of power to the special children. Today was the day when BapDada brought His Shakti Army onto the world stage, and so it is the day of the Shaktis playing their parts in a visible way in the corporeal form. Father Shiva is revealed through the Shaktis and He Himself continues to play His part in an incognito way. He reveals the Shaktis to the world as the visibly victorious ones. Today is the day when children receive from BapDada the blessing of being equal. Today is the day for the especially loving children to be merged in His eyes with their loving form. Today is the day when BapDada, through the sweet meeting with the especially powerful and loving children, gives the blessing of an imperishable meeting. Today is the day of the first thought of the heart of all the children everywhere of celebrating a sweet meeting at amrit vela, of singing very sweet songs of praise in the heart, of especially moving along in waves of love. Today, at amrit vela, in the garlands of the pearls of love of many children, with Baba in the middle of each pearl, Baba was seeing the words "Sweet Baba" sparkling. How many garlands were there? In this old world they speak of a necklace of nine jewels, but BapDada had with Him many necklaces of alokik, unique, invaluable jewels. You will not wear such necklaces even in the golden age. Only BapDada wears such necklaces given by the children - and only at this time. Today is the day for hearing heartfelt songs of separation and sweet songs full of love of the gopikas in many bondages. In return, BapDada gives the loving, long-lost and now-found souls, who remain absorbed in love, the good news that the drums of revelation are now going to beat. Therefore, o easy yogis and children who are deprived of a meeting, these few days are now coming to an end. The sweet meeting in the corporeal sweet home will definitely take place. That auspicious day is coming close. 

    Today is the day when every child attains the instant fruit of easy success by having a determined thought in their hearts. Did you hear how great today is? On such a great day, wherever all the children are, although they may be far away, they are close to the heart. In return for each child's love and zeal and enthusiasm for doing service to reveal BapDada, BapDada gives love-filled greetings, because in the majority of the children, there were mostly waves of love and enthusiasm for doing service in their heart-to-heart conversations. There were two things: promises and revelation. What does BapDada do when He hears these? There are so many who are saying things, yet the Father, the Comforter of Hearts, is able to hear the sound of the heart of many at the same time. BapDada congratulates those who make promises. However, always continue to revise these promises at amrit vela. Once you have made the promise, don't just leave it: "I have to do this. I have to become this." Always keep this zeal and enthusiasm with you. Along with this, just as whilst doing things, you successfully continue to maintain your stage of remembrance with the method of traffic control, in the same way, whilst doing anything, also fix a time for checking yourself. In this way, the fixed time will continue to make your promise become a form of success. 

    BapDada is performing a handshake of love with His right hand children who have zeal and enthusiasm for revelation. By always being a specially beloved child who is equal to the Father, and with the courage of enthusiasm, you are constantly worthy of receiving multi-million fold help from BapDada. To be obedient (supatra) means to be worthy of receiving (patra). 

    The third type of children are those who are merged in love day and night. They consider love to be service. They don't come onto the field, but they definitely sing the song, "My Baba, my Baba!" They cajole the Father very sweetly: Whatever I am, however I am, I am Yours. There are such loving souls too. To such loving children BapDada definitely gives love in return for love, and He also gives courage: You have to become those who have a right to the kingdom. You have to become those who will come into the kingdom. Then, if you are still only loving, that is also fine. If you want to claim a right to the kingdom, then, together with love and power from studying, that is, the power of knowledge, power from doing service is also essential. Therefore, have courage. The Father is always your Helper anyway. In return for your love, you will definitely receive co-operation. When you have a little courage and you pay attention, you can become one who has a right to the kingdom. Did you hear the response of today's heart-to-heart conversation? Baba saw from the subtle region the splendour of all the children in this land and abroad. The foreign children who have come last are going fast and coming first by quickly moving forward with zeal and enthusiasm. They understand that to the extent they are far away by being abroad, so they are accordingly close to the heart. So, today, they were also having a chit-chat with very good zeal and enthusiasm. Some children are very sweet. They continue to try to please the Father with their sweet talk. They say these things very innocently, but they are very clever. They say: You should promise. This is how they to try to please Him. What would the Father say? May you remain happy! May you remain successful! May you continue to move forward! Things are very long and complicated. How many should He tell you about? However, all of you say very good things in a very entertaining way. Achcha. 

    To those who constantly have love and the zeal and enthusiasm to do service, to those who become worthy and thereby become worthy of receiving all attainments, to those who reveal BapDada's elevated and divine acts through their own acts, to those who clearly show the life story of Father Brahma through their own divine lives, to all such constant, companion children of BapDada, love, remembrance and namaste from powerful BapDada. 

    BapDada meeting Dadiji and Dadi Janki who are sitting in front of BapDada: 

    Today, your friend Didi has sent special love and remembrance. Today, she too emerged in the subtle region. Therefore, she sent her remembrance to everyone. She is making her gathering (of the advance party) strong. Their task will also continue to be revealed with yours. They are now close in relationship and close by in the country and this is why they also continue to meet amongst themselves in small groups for one or another reason. They don't have full awareness, but they do have a touching in their intellects that they have to get together and perform a new task. “According to the conditions of the world, what no one is able to do, we all have to do that together.” They definitely meet together with this touching. However, the group now is of some younger ones and some older ones. All types of children have gone: those who were keen on doing physical service have gone and those who had planning intellects for the establishment of the kingdom have gone. Together with those, the ones who increase courage and enthusiasm have also gone. Today, BapDada saw within the whole group, these three types of children and all three are needed. Some are those who do the planning, others are those who put things into practice and some are those who increase courage. A good group is being formed. However, both groups will be revealed simultaneously. Now the speciality of revelation is behind the clouds. The clouds are dispersing, but they haven't moved away. To the extent that you reach the powerful stage of being a master sun of knowledge, the clouds will continue to disperse. The second they are removed, the drums will beat. At the moment they are dispersing. That party is also making a lot of preparations. Just as you are making plans for the Youth Rally, so they too are youth at present. They too are planning amongst themselves. The speciality that Bharat had of having many (political) parties is now becoming less so and one party is moving ahead, is it not? So there is significance in the external unity too. Disunity is becoming weak and unity is becoming strong. This is the part of co-operation in the secret of establishment. They are not in harmony in their minds but out of compulsion, and meeting through compulsion is also significant. The time is now coming close for the deep systems and customs of establishment to become clear. All of you will then know what the advance party is doing and what you are doing. You are now questioning what they are doing and they are questioning what you are doing. Nevertheless, both of you are progressing according to the drama. 

    Jagadamba is the moon. So Didi has had a special part with Jagadamba, the moon, from the beginning. She has had the part of accompanying Mama in the task. That one is the moon (cool) and that one is intense. The two match. Now, just let her grow a little older. Jagadamba is even now giving the sakaash of coolness, but she also needs a companion in planning and making progress. Pushpa-Shanta and Didi have also had a connection between them from the beginning. Here, too, both have a close connection. Bhau (Dada Vishwa Kishor) is the backbone. Here too, the Pandavas are the backbone and the Shaktis are in the front. So that is also a group that brings about zeal and enthusiasm. Those who are to carry out the planning will now come onto the field a little and then revelation will take place. Achcha. 

    BapDada meeting double-foreign brothers and sisters: 

    All of you are those who have come last and are going fast and have the zeal and enthusiasm to come first, are you not? There isn't anyone of the second number. When the aim is powerful, the qualifications are automatically powerful. All of you are those who have the zeal and enthusiasm to move forward. BapDada says to each child: Constantly be double-light and with your flying stage definitely claim number one. Just as the Father is the Highest on High, in the same way, each child is also the highest on high. 

    Only those who constantly fly with the wings of zeal and enthusiasm experience the flying stage. The easy way to remain stable in this stage is to consider Karankaravanhar Father is making you do whatever service you do. You are just an instrument and the One who has to get it done is making you do it and making you move. By keeping this in your awareness, you will remain constantly light and continue to fly. Constantly continue to increase this stage. 

    At the time of farewell: 

    This day of power will constantly continue to make you powerful. To those who have come on this day of power, always keep with you the special blessing of being powerful. When any situation arises, remember this day and this blessing for this awareness will bring power. Come to Madhuban in a second with the flying vehicle of your intellect and remember what you were, how you were and what blessing you received. By becoming a resident of Madhuban you will receive power in a second. You do know how to come to Madhuban, do you not? This is easy; you have seen it in the corporeal form. You might find it difficult to come to the supreme abode but it isn't difficult to come to Madhuban. So, in a second, without a ticket and without any expense become a resident of Madhuban. Madhuban will constantly continue to give you zeal and enthusiasm. All of you here have zeal and enthusiasm and none of you have any weaknesses, do you? Similarly, this awareness will make you powerful. 


    May you receive everyone’s co-operation and become an embodiment of success by co-operating in God’s task. 

    When there is everyone’s zeal and enthusiasm, success itself comes close and becomes a garland around your neck. Each one’s finger of co-operation is needed for any big task. Each one has a chance to serve, no one can make an excuse that they cannot do that or that they do not have time. While walking and moving around, do service if even for just 10 minutes. If your health isn’t good, then do service while sitting at home. With your mind, with your attitude of happiness and with your stage that gives happiness, create a world of happiness. Co-operate in God’s task and you will receive everyone’s co-operation. 


    Remain set on the seat of being a lord of matter and you will not become upset about adverse situations. 

    ***OM SHNATI***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 25 August 2019

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