Brahma Kumaris Murli English 1 September 2019

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli  English 1 September 2019

    Brahma Kumaris Murli  English 1 September 2019
    Brahma Kumaris Murli  English 1 September 2019

    01/09/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 21/01/85 

    The golden gift for the Godly birthday is a divine intellect. 

    Today, the Father, the Creator of the World, is seeing His children who are the eyes of the world, the lights of the world. You elevated souls are the lights of the world. That is, you are enlightenment for the world. If there isn't physical light there is no world because light means enlightenment. When there is no light, then, because of darkness, there is no world. Similarly, if it weren't for you eyes, there would be no light in the world. Because you exist, then, because of you lights, the world exists. So, BapDada is seeing such children who are the lights of the world. Such children are constantly praised and worshipped. Only such children claim a right to the fortune of the kingdom of the world. As soon as you Brahmins take birth, BapDada gives each one of you two special, divine gifts for your divine birthday. In the world, human souls give human souls gifts, whereas the Father Himself gives divine gifts to the Brahmin children at the confluence age. What does He give? One is the divine intellect and the other is the divine eye, that is, the spiritual light. Each of you Brahmin children has received these two gifts for your birthday. By keeping both these gifts with you at all times, you constantly remain embodiments of success. It is the divine intellect that makes each of you children an embodiment of divine knowledge, divine remembrance and divine dharna. The divine intellect is the special gift for you to have dharna. To have a divine intellect constantly means to be an embodiment of remembrance. If your divine intellect, that is, your satopradhan, golden intellect has the slightest influence of the rajo or tamo stages, then, instead of becoming an embodiment of dharna, you come under the influence of Maya. This is why you experience everything easy to be difficult. Because the divine intellect you received easily as a gift becomes weak, you find it hard work. Whenever you experience anything to be difficult or hard work, your divine intellect is definitely being influenced by some form of Maya, for that is why you have that experience. Someone with a divine intellect imbibes BapDada's shrimat in a second and experiences having a constantly powerful, constantly unshakeable, master almighty stage. Shrimat means the directions that make you elevated. You cannot then then experience anything to be difficult. Shrimat means the directions that make you fly constantly and easily. However, you definitely do need a divine intellect with which to imbibe them. So check: Do you constantly keep your birthday gift with you? Does Maya sometimes snatch away your gift of a divine intellect and make you belong to her? You don't sometimes become innocent about the influence of Maya, do you, so that you lose your Godly gift? Maya also has the cleverness with which to make your Godly gift belong to her. So she becomes clever herself and she makes you innocent. Therefore, although you may become innocent children of the Innocent Lord, do not become innocent of Maya. To become innocent of Maya means to become one who forgets. The gift of a divine, Godly intellect is a constant canopy of protection, whereas Maya casts her own shadow. The canopy flies away and just the shadow (influence) is left. So, always check: Do I always have the Father’s gift with me? The symbolic gift of a divine intellect is that it works like a lift so that, as soon as you put on the switch of elevated thoughts, you become stable in that stage in a second. If there is a shadow of Maya in front of your divine intellect, then this gift will not work like a lift. What happens when a physical lift doesn’t work? You can neither go up nor down. You are stuck in the middle. Instead of having true self-respect, you become distressed. No matter how much you press the switch, you won't be able to experience the attainment of reaching your destination. So, you spoil this gift of a lift and you then have to climb the ladder of effort. What do you then say? Your legs of courage do not work. So, who made something easy become difficult and how? You made yourself careless. You went under the shadow of Maya and that was why you experienced something easy which takes a second, to be hard work and to take a long time. The gift of the divine intellect is an alokik viman (aeroplane). By switching on this divine viman you can reach wherever you want in a second. The switch is your thoughts. Scientists can travel around one world. You can travel around all three worlds. In a second, you can become an embodiment of a world benefactor and give light and might to the whole world. Simply become stable in an elevated stage with the viman of your divine intellect. They sprinkled ashes over the Himalayas and into the rivers by aeroplane. What for? In order to spread them everywhere. They sprinkle ashes, whereas with the viman of your divine intellect, you can stabilise yourself in the stage of the highest peak and spread waves of the co-operation of good wishes and pure feelings of light and might to all the souls of the world. Your flying vehicle is powerful, is it not? You just have to know how to use it. 

    You need the device of the refined, elevated directions of BapDada. Nowadays, instead of just refined fuel, you even have double refined fuel. So this is the double refined device of BapDada. What would happen if there is the slightest rubbish of the influence of your own dictates or the dictates of others? Would you go up above or would you come down? Therefore, check: Do you always have double refined petrol in the viman of your intellect? No rubbish gets into it, does it? Otherwise, this viman is one that gives constant happiness. There can never be any accidents in the golden age because you have the elevated reward there for your elevated acts. There are no such acts performed there for which you would have to experience sorrow as a result of the suffering of karma. In the same way, the confluence-aged Godly gift of a divine intellect is always free from sorrow or deception. Those who have a divine intellect can never be deceived, they cannot experience sorrow. They are always safe. They are free from adversity. Therefore, know the importance of this Godly gift and constantly keep this gift with you. Did you understand the importance of this gift? Have all of you received this gift? Or, have some of you been left out? All of you have received it, have you not? It depends on you whether you know how to look after it or not. Always check this at amrit vela. If there is the slightest weakness, then by putting that right at amrit vela, your whole day will remain powerful. If you are unable to put it right yourself, then, get have it corrected by someone else. However, put it right at amrit vela. Achcha. Baba will tell you about divine vision at some other time. Call it divine vision, a divine eye or a spiritual light, they are all the same thing. At this time, all of you have this gift of a divine intellect, do you not? You have a golden vessel, do you not? This is the divine intellect. All of you have come to Madhuban with your divine intellect, your vessel of real gold, have you not? Silver or copper is not mixed into the real gold, is it? Satopradhan means real gold. This is what is called a divine intellect. Achcha, wherever you have come from, you rivers of knowledge have come from all directions and merged with the Ocean. This is the confluence of the rivers and the Ocean. You have come to celebrate the great meeting, have you not? You have come to celebrate the meeting. BapDada is pleased to see all the rivers of knowledge and how you have arrived at this celebration of a meeting from so far away with so much zeal and enthusiasm. Achcha. 

    To those who constantly use the golden gift of a divine intellect, to those who are always clever like the Father and know the cleverness of Maya, to those who constantly remain under the canopy of the Father's protection and remain distant from any shadow of Maya, to those who constantly celebrate a sweet meeting with the Ocean of Knowledge, to the world benefactors who make anything difficult become easy, to the elevated souls who remain stable in an elevated stage, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

    BapDada meeting groups personally: 

    1. By changing your vision, your world has changed, has it not? When your vision becomes elevated, even your world becomes elevated. Now the Father is your world. The world is merged in the Father. Do you have this experience? Wherever you look and whatever you hear, you experience the Father to be with you, do you not? There cannot be anyone as loving as Him in the whole world and one who would be with you at every second and in every thought. In the world outside, no matter how loving others may be, they cannot give you constant companionship. This One is with you even in your dreams. You have found the Companion who fulfils the responsibility of such companionship and this is why your world has changed. You now experience the alokik even in the lokik, do you not? Whatever relationship you see in the lokik world, the real relationship is automatically remembered. Those souls too receive power through this. When the Father is always with you, you are carefree emperors. You don't even need to think whether it will be all right or not. When the Father is with you, everything is fine. So, by experiencing His companionship, continue to fly. It is the Father's duty to think; your duty is just to remain absorbed in His company. Therefore, weak thoughts have also ended. Always remain a carefree emperor. You are an emperor now and an emperor for all time. 

    2. Always consider yourselves to be stars of success and also continue to give the key of success to other souls. All souls will be happy with this service and give you blessings from their hearts. It is the blessings from the Father and everyone else that make you move forward. 

    Specially selected elevated versions – Be co-operative and make others co-operative. 

    Just as subjects are co-operative and loving to their king, in the same way, let all your physical senses and special powers be always loving and co-operative, for only then will there be an impact on your service companions and lokik friends and relatives. When you keep all your physical senses in order, only then will all your other companions co-operate in your task. Whoever you love, you definitely co-operate with them in every task of theirs. The sign of a deeply loving soul is that he will always co-operate in the Father’s elevated task. To the extent that he is co-operative, accordingly he will be an easy yogi. So, day and night, let there be this one deep concern for Baba and service and nothing else. Such souls cannot co-operate with Maya; they step away from Maya. 

    No matter how much others consider themselves to belong to another path, God’s love makes them co-operative and ties them in the one thread of “being united” and enables them to move forward. Love, first of all, enables you to be co-operative and, while making you co-operative, it also automatically makes you an easy yogi at that time. God’s love is the foundation of transformation, that is, it is the seed for transformation in life. The seed of the experience of God’s love sown in souls automatically creates the tree of becoming co-operative. At the right time, it will bear the fruit of becoming an easy yogi, because the seed of transformation will definitely show the fruit. The co-operation of good wishes and pure feelings in everyone’s mind enables you to have success in any task because this fortress of good wishes and pure feelings enable souls to be transformed. The fortress of the atmosphere is created with everyone’s co-operation. When there is one thread of God’s love, then, even if there are many people’s ideas, there is the thought of being co-operative. Now, make all authorities (fields/professions) co-operative. They are becoming this, but now bring them closer and continue to make them more co-operative, because the time of revelation is now coming close. Previously, you used to work hard to make them co-operative, but they are now offering themselves to co-operate and will continue to do so in the future. 

    From time to time, forms of service change and they will continue to change. You will not now need to say a lot, for people themselves will say that this is an elevated task and that they too should co-operate with you in this. Those who give co-operation with a true heart and with love claim a right to receive multimillion-fold co-operation from the Father. The Father settles the account of co-operation fully. The image of making a big task easy is shown in the picture of a finger being given to lift a mountain; this is a sign of co-operation. So, let each one come in front of you as a co-operative soul, let each one be co-operative at the time of need; there is now a need for this. You will have to shoot a powerful arrow for this. A powerful arrow is one in which there is the feeling of the co-operation, happiness and good wishes of all souls. Achcha. 


    May you be a great soul with the authority of newness and love, who inspires others to surrender. 

    Whoever comes into contact with you, bring them into such a relationship that while coming into this relationship, they develop a surrendered intellect and say: Whatever the Father has said is the Truth. This is known as having a surrendered intellect. Their questions will then finish. Let them not just say that your knowledge is good, but that this is new knowledge which will bring the new world. Only when there is this sound will Kumbhkarna awaken. So, with the greatness of newness, and a balance of love and authority enable them to surrender in this way and only then can it be said that mikes have been prepared. 


    Become loving to the one God and you will be loved by the world. 

    ***OM SHANTI***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli  English 1 September 2019

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