Brahma Kumaris Murli English 7 July 2019

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 7 July 2019

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 7 July 2019
    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 7 July 2019

    07/07/19 Madhuban  Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 26/12/84 

    The power of truth. 

    Today, the Almighty Authority Father is especially looking at two authorities. One is the ruling authority and the other is the Godly authority. The special parts of both authorities are being performed now, at the confluence age. The ruling authority is in upheaval. The Godly authority is constantly unshakeable and imperishable. The Godly authority is called the power of truth because the One who gives that authority is the true Father, the true Teacher and the Satguru (True Guru). This is why the power of truth is always elevated. You are establishing the golden age, the land of truth, with the power of truth. Truth also means imperishable. With the power of truth, you receive the imperishable inheritance. This is a study that enables you to attain an imperishable status for which you have attained imperishable blessings. No one can take away this attainment. From the beginning of the path of devotion to its end, the whole world has been praising and worshipping you, who have the power of truth. This means that the praise and the worship of you also become imperishable. The truth means the truth (imperishable). So, what did you come to know first of all? You knew yourself to be a true (imperishable) soul. You knew the true introduction of the true Father. From this true recognition, with true knowledge, the power of truth is inevitably the truth. With the power of truth, the darkness of falsehood and the darkness of ignorance automatically end. Ignorance is always untrue (false). Knowledge is true; it is the truth. This is why devotees sing this praise of God: Satyam (truth), Shivam (Benevolent), Sundaram (Beautiful One). The power of truth automatically makes you conquerors of matter and conquerors of Maya. Now, let each one of you ask yourself: Since I am a child of the true Father, to what extent have I imbibed the power of truth? 

    The sign of someone having the power of truth is that that person will always be fearless. You heard in the murli, "Where there is truth, the soul dances". This means that someone who has the power of truth is constantly carefree, free from worry and fearless, and that soul therefore continues to dance in happiness. Where there is fear or worry, you cannot dance in happiness; you even worry about your own weaknesses. When your sanskars and thoughts are weak, then, because this is the path of truth, your mind definitely has thoughts of those weaknesses. Weaknesses definitely bring about a state of upheaval in your mind. No matter how much you try to hide or put on an artificial smile for a temporary period according to the time or the circumstances, the power of truth will definitely make you realise your weaknesses. Nothing can remain hidden from the Father or from yourself. It can be hidden from others. Perhaps you might have some realisation, you might make yourself move along but, because of your carelessness, the power of truth definitely comes in the form of confusion in the mind, in the form of unhappiness or waste thoughts, because falsehood cannot stay in front of the truth. On the path of devotion, they show a picture of him (Krishna) dancing on a snake in the middle of an ocean. It is a snake, but with his power of truth, even the snake becomes a stage on which he dances. No matter how frightening a situation might be, how frightening the form of Maya might be, how much distress your relations and connections might cause, how poisonous the atmosphere might be, someone who has the power of truth makes all of those into a stage on which to dance in happiness. So, whose image is this? It is the image of all of you, is it not? All of you are going to become Krishna. This is what you raise your hands for, is it not? Such things are not mentioned in the divine activities of Rama. In that, there is separation one moment and happiness the next moment. So, souls who are to become Krishna constantly continue to dance on the stage of such situations. None of the elements of matter, Maya, people or physical comforts can shake such souls. 

    They would make Maya their stage or their bed. You have also seen that picture, have you not? He made the snake into a bed, that is, he became victorious. Therefore, the sign of truth is that when there is truth, the soul dances. That is the picture. Those with the power of truth can never drown. The boat of truth can play games of rocking, but it cannot sink; the rocking will still be experienced as a game. Nowadays, they purposely create games where you go up and down, do they not? It is a matter of falling, but because it is a game, they experience themselves to be victorious. No matter how much upheaval there is, the one playing the game would consider himself to have gained victory. Therefore, do you consider yourselves to have the power of truth that is, to have received the blessing of victory? Do you always experience your victorious form? If, even now, there is upheaval or fear, then, together with truth, there is also falsehood, for this is why upheaval is created. Therefore, check: Is there the unshakeable power of truth in your thoughts, vision, attitude, words, relationships and connections? Achcha. Today, there are many children to meet and BapDada will therefore tell you at some other time about the expansion of the power of truth and how you can move along being filled with specialities in Brahmin life. Do you understand? 

    Did the double-foreign children celebrate Christmas? Or, is it also Christmas today? For Brahmin children, the confluence age is the age to celebrate. Therefore, dance, sing and celebrate in happiness every day. In terms of the cycle, the confluence age is equal to only a few days. Therefore, every day of the confluence age is a big day. Achcha. 

    To all those who are embodiments of the power of truth, to those who receive true blessings and the inheritance from the true Father, to those who are victorious souls with the power of truth, to those who are constantly conquerors of matter and conquerors of Maya, to those who dance in happiness, to such true children of the true Father, Teacher and Satguru, love, remembrance and namaste. 

    Dadi Chandermani is taking leave from BapDada to return to Punjab: 

    All you children who are residents of Punjab and therefore residents of Madhuban, please accept love and remembrance. All of you children are constantly becoming carefree emperors, are you not? Why? Yogyukt children are always under the canopy of protection. You yogi children are not living in Punjab, but under the canopy of BapDada's protection. Whether you are in Punjab or anywhere else, the children who stay under the canopy of protection are constantly safe. If turmoil enters them, they would be hurt in one way or another. However, when you remain unshakeable, then, even if you are in a harmful place, nothing can happen to even a single hair of yours. So, since you have BapDada’s hand and His company, remain a carefree emperor and spread many rays of peace into a peaceless atmosphere. Give the hope of support from God to those who have become hopeless. Remind those in turmoil of the eternal support and make them unshakeable. This is the special service that those from Punjab have to do. You were told earlier, too, that those from Punjab have a very good chance to glorify the Father's name. When people cannot see any support in any direction, at such a time, let them experience that you are the elevated souls, the ones who give rest to the heart and the ones who give the support of peace to the heart. Peace is given importance at a time of peacelessness. So, to give them this experience at such a time is a means of revelation. So, those from Punjab should not be afraid. At such a time, let the people there feel that all others make them afraid, whereas you are the ones who give them support. Make such a plan in a meeting to go to a gathering of peaceless souls and give them an experience of peace. If you give an experience of peace to even one or two souls, a wave will spread from those one or two and the sound will be heard loudly. It is very good that you are holding meetings. You are courageous and enthusiastic. You have always been co-operative, loving and united in every task and will always remain so. Punjab is not at the back, numberwise; it is in the front. Punjab is said to be the lion and lions don't stay at the back, they stay at the front. Say, "Ha ji, ha ji" in whatever programmes you are given and the impossible will become possible. Achcha. 

    After meeting all the children, BapDada gave love and remembrance on the day of the Satguru at 5.30am: To the extremely close, loving and constant companion children of the true Father, the true Teacher and the Satguru, accept lots and lots of love and remembrance on the day of the Satguru. Today, on the day of the Satguru, BapDada says: May you always be an embodiment of success, may you always maintain zeal and enthusiasm, may you always remain safe under the canopy of BapDada’s protection, may you constantly remain a detached observer with one faith and one support and remain cheerful whilst observing every scene. BapDada is giving blessings filled with such special love. Always keep these blessings in your awareness and remain constantly powerful. Always remember this and always stay in remembrance. Good morning to everyone and greetings for every day. 

    Let your remembrance be of the volcanic (intense) form. 

    You can become a remover of sins, the same as the Father, when your remembrance has an intense form. Only such remembrance will reveal your divine form that grants visions. For this, let remembrance not be ordinary. Always stay in remembrance that is of the intense, volcanic form and powerful. As well as love, also be in the combined form of power. At present, there is a need for the collective form of intense remembrance. Only intense remembrance will make the atmosphere powerful and weak souls then become full of power. All obstacles will easily be finished and the flames of destruction of the old world will flare up. 

    Just as the sun gives the experience of light and many temporary attainments to the world, in the same way, you children through your form of being great tapaswis have to give the experience of the rays of attainment. For this, first of all, increase your account of accumulation. Just as the rays of the sun spread in all directions, in the same way, remain in the stage of being master almighty authorities and you will experience the rays of powers and specialities to be spreading everywhere. 

    The main and easy effort for becoming the volcanic form is always to have the one deep concern: I now have to return home and take everyone with me. With this awareness, you will automatically go beyond all relationships and all attractions of nature, that is, you will become a detached observer. By being a detached observer, you will easily become the Father’s companion and equal to the Father. 

    Intense remembrance means to keep up the effort, having understood the point of it, of being stable in the stage of a light-and-might-house. Especially become experienced in being an embodiment of knowledge and become powerful. By doing this, you elevated souls will enable the many desperate souls, wandering souls, souls who are calling out, to experience bliss, peace and power through your pure attitude, your attitude of benevolence and through the atmosphere. 

    When you put something in a fire, its name, form and quality all change. In the same way, when you are put in the fire of remembrance of the Father, you are transformed. You change from human beings into Brahmins, and from Brahmins you change into angels, and then deities. Just as, when clay is put into a mould and then baked, it becomes a brick, in the same way, you also become transformed. This is why this remembrance is called the intense, volcanic form of remembrance. 

    You are a server – loving and one who has one strength and one support. That is fine, but the stage of a master almighty authority means to have the stage of a lighthouse and might-house whilst on the stage. If your remembrance takes an intense, volcanic form, everyone will come to you like moths, to circle around you. 

    For an intense, volcanic form of remembrance, firstly, both the mind and intellect need to have a powerful brake and they also need the power to steer. By doing this, the power of the intellect or any other energy will not be wasted, but will instead be saved. The more you accumulate, the more your powers to discern and decide will increase. For this, now continue to pack the baggage of thoughts, that is, imbibe the power to pack up. 

    Whilst performing any task or whilst speaking to someone, every now and again, stop the traffic of thoughts. Stop the thoughts in the mind and everything you are doing with your body for a minute. Only by practising this will you be able to stabilise yourself in the powerful stage of a point. Just as it is becoming easier to act in the avyakt stage, in the same way, stabilising in the stage of a point will also become easy. 

    Doctors give laser ray treatment to destroy germs. In the same way the powerful rays of remembrance burn away the germs of all the vices in a second. When your sins are burnt away, you will experience yourself to be light and powerful. 

    You are constant easy yogis, but let there now be force in your paying attention every now and then to making your stage of remembrance powerful. When you imbibe total purity, the power of your elevated thoughts will intensify the fire of love and all the rubbish will be burnt in that fire. Then, only whatever you think of will happen and fast service will automatically take place. 

    In the memorial of the goddesses, it has been shown that the devils were burnt by their intense form of fire. In fact, it wasn’t the devils they destroyed but the devilish powers. This is a memorial of the present time. Now, become one with a volcanic form and burn the devilish sanskars and devilish nature. Become one who burns away the tamoguni qualities of nature and of souls. This huge task will only be accomplished when you do it at a fast speed. 

    Any karmic accounts, whether of this birth or past births cannot be burned away without your being stable in the stage of the fire of deep love. By remaining constantly stable in the form of fire, the accounts of the past will be burned away by the powerful remembrance of the volcanic form, the seed stage and the lighthouse and might-house stage and you will experience yourself to be double-light. Only when the link of remembrance is constantly connected can there be powerful remembrance of the volcanic form. If the link repeatedly breaks, it takes time to reconnect it. It also takes effort so that, instead of becoming powerful, you become weak. 

    In order to make your remembrance powerful, whilst going into expansion, let the practice of being stable in the form of essence not reduce. Don’t forget the essence in the expansion. Eat, drink and serve, but don’t forget to be detached. Spiritual endeavour means powerful remembrance and a constant relationship of the heart with the Father. Spiritual endeavour isn’t just sitting down for yoga, but just as you sit down physically, in the same way, let your heart, mind and intellect be directed to the one Father and be seated with Him. Only such concentration will intensify the flames. 


    May you understand the value of your words and be economical with them and thereby become a great soul. 

    For great souls, it is said: “Sat vachan maharaj” (whatever great souls speak is the truth). So, let your words always become versions, that is, words that enable everyone to have one attainment or another. Let there never be words from the lips of Brahmins that curse anyone. Therefore, only speak tactful and useful words. Understand the value of words. Speak pure words that give happiness, do not say anything jokingly. Be economical with your words and you will become a great soul. 


    When you have the hand of shrimat constantly with you, you will continue to walk hand in hand through the whole cycle. 

    ***OM SHANTI***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 7 July 2019

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