Brahma Kumaris Murli English 28 July 2019

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 28 July 2019

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 28 July 2019
    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 28 July 2019

    28/07/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 07/01/85 

    Special thought for the New Year – Become a master bestower of fortune. 

    Today, the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, has come to meet His children who are master bestowers of fortune. The Father, the Bestower of Fortune, is looking at the chart of every child. With all the treasures you have received from the Bestower of Fortune, to what extent has each of you become a master bestower of fortune, the same as the Bestower of Fortune? Have you become bestowers of knowledge? Have you become bestowers of the power of remembrance? According to the time and the need, have you become bestowers of all the powers? Have you become bestowers of virtues? Have you become bestowers of spiritual vision and spiritual love? According to the time, have you become bestowers of co-operation to every soul? Have you become bestowers of your elevated company and connection to those who are weak? Have you become bestowers of zeal and enthusiasm to make souls who lack in attainment into fully contented souls? Baba was looking at this chart of every master bestower of fortune. 

    A bestower of fortune means someone who gives at every moment through every thought. A bestower of fortune means someone who is generous-hearted and, when it comes to giving, has a heart as big as an ocean. A bestower of fortune means someone who has no desire to take from any soul other than the Father - one who constantly gives. If someone gives spiritual love and co-operation, then, in return for one, he would give multi-millionfold, just as the Father doesn't take, but gives. If a child gives everything old worth straws that he has to the Bestower, the Bestower gives so much in return that the receiving changes into giving. Such master bestowers of fortune are those who give in every thought and at every step. A great bestower means a bestower of fortune. Because of constantly giving, they would be constantly altruistic. They would be beyond any selfish motive and be loving to everyone, the same as the Father. Everyone would automatically have a record of giving regard to a bestower of fortune. A bestower of fortune would automatically be a bestower in everyone's eyes, that is, such a soul would be great. To what extent has each one of you become such a bestower of fortune? A bestower of fortune means someone who is part of the royal clan. A bestower means someone who is a sustainer, one who constantly gives the sustenance of love and co-operation, the same as the Father. A bestower of fortune means someone who is always full. So, check yourself: Are you one who takes or a master bestower of fortune who gives? 

    Now, according to the time, you have to play the part of being a master bestower of fortune, because time is coming closer, that is, you have to become equal to the Father. If, even now, you want to take for yourself, then would you become a bestower? To give now is to receive; to the extent that you give, it will accordingly automatically continue to increase to that extent. Don't become a taker of any type of limited things. If, even now, you desire to fulfil your limited hopes, how would you fulfil the hopes of all souls of the world? "I want a little name (glorification), a little respect, regard, love and power." If, even now, you have these selfish motives, that is, if you have these desires for yourself, when would you experience the stage of being completely ignorant of the knowledge of desires? Those limited desires will never allow you to become good. Those desires are a sign of being a royal beggar. All of these things automatically come to someone who has a right. They don't sing songs of "I want, I want (chahiye, chahiye)". They sing the songs: I have received it. I have become this. For unlimited bestowers, limited hopes and desires stay behind them like a shadow. Since you sing the song that you have attained what you wanted, how is it that there still remains a desire to attain limited name, respect, honour and prestige? In other words, change the song! When even the five elements become a servant in front of you bestowers of fortune, when you become conquerors of matter and also of Maya, those limited desires are then like a lamp for you in front of the sun. When you have become the sun, what need is there for lamps? The basis of fulfilling the need for whatever you want is to continue to give the maximum of that particular thing. Give respect, don't take it. Give regard, don't just take regard. If you want your name glorified, give the donation of the Father's name and your name will automatically be glorified. Giving is the basis of receiving. There is a system that has continued on the path of devotion: when someone lacks something they make that person donate that particular thing in order to attain more of it. Giving then becomes a form of receiving. In the same way, you children of the Bestower are going to become deities who give. People continue to sing praise of all of you as the deities who bestow, the bestowers of peace, the bestowers of wealth. They don't sing your praise as those who are takers. So, today, Baba was looking at this chart. How many are going to become deities (givers) and how many are going to become takers? Worldly hopes and desires have ended. Now, in terms of the unlimited desires of spiritual life, you consider them to be desires of knowledge, do you not? And that you should have these, should you not? However, anyone who has a limited desire will not be able to confront Maya. This is not something you receive by asking for it, where you tell someone to give you regard or make others give you regard. When you receive something by asking for it, that is the wrong path. Therefore, how could you find your destination? So, become master bestowers of fortune. Then, everyone will automatically come to give to you. Those who ask for honour (shaan) become distressed (par-e-shaan). Therefore, maintain the honour of being a master bestower. Don't say, "Mine, mine!" Everything is Yours. When you say, "It is Yours", everyone will say to you, "It is yours". When you say, "Mine, mine", you will even lose whatever comes to you because where there isn't contentment, even attainment is the same as a lack of attainment. Where there is contentment, even a little is equal to everything. Therefore, by saying, "Yours, Yours", you will become an embodiment of attainment. When you make a sound in a dome, the same sound echoes back to you. Similarly, in this unlimited dome, if you say "Mine" from your heart then the same sound of "mine" will come back to you from everyone. You will say, "mine" and they will say, "mine". Therefore, however much you say with love from your heart that it is Yours (not just for your own purpose), accordingly, everyone will say, "yours" to the one who says it with love from the heart. By using this method, your limited "mine" will change into the unlimited, and, instead of being those who take, you will become master bestowers of fortune. So, this year, have the special thought of constantly being a master bestower of fortune. Do you understand? 

    Maharashtra zone has come today, and so you have to become great (mahaan), do you not? Maharashtra means to be constantly great and become those who bestow to everyone. Maharashtra means the land that is always full. The land may not be full, but you great souls are full. Therefore, Maharashtra means great donor souls. 

    The other group is from UP. In UP too, they give importance to the Ganges, the Purifier. So, you are always embodiments of attainment and this is why you can become purifiers. So those from UP are also treasure stores of purity. You are master bestowers of fortune who give everyone a drop of purity. So both of you are great, are you not? BapDada is also pleased to see all the great souls. 

    Double foreigners are those who remain in double intoxication. One is the intoxication of remembrance and the other is the intoxication of service. The majority of you is of those who always have this double intoxication. This double intoxication will save you from all other types of intoxication. So the double foreigners are claiming a good number in the race of both of these. You also continue to sing songs of Baba and service even in your dreams. So, this is the confluence of the three rivers. You are the Ganges, the Jamuna and the Saraswati. Madhuban is the true place that has become fruitful (abad) by Allah (Allahabad - City in UP, India). This is the confluence of the three rivers on the land that has been made fruitful by Allah. Achcha. 

    To all those who are constantly master bestowers of fortune, to those who constantly desire to give to everyone, the ones who are going to become deities, to those who constantly sing the song, "Yours, Yours", to those who constantly make souls who lack something become full and satisfied, to the full and complete souls, love, remembrance and namaste from BapDada, the Bestower of Fortune and the Bestower of Blessings. 

    BapDada meeting the teachers: 

    By serving, the servers become powerful themselves and also become instruments for filling others with power. True spiritual service always makes you instrumental for your own progress and the progress of others. Before serving others, you first have to serve yourself. To speak knowledge to others means that you hear it first, because it would enter your ears first. You don't have to speak knowledge to others but you have to listen to it first. So, you have double benefit by doing service: you benefit and others also benefit. To be busy in service means to become a conqueror of Maya easily. Maya comes when you are not busy. Servers means to be busy. Servers never have any time. When you don't have any time, how can Maya come? To be a server means to be easily victorious. Servers can easily enter the rosary because they are easily victorious. So, victorious souls will enter the rosary of victory. Servers means those who eat fresh nourishing food. Those who eat fresh fruit remain healthy. Doctors always say, “Eat fresh fruit and vegetables.” Therefore, to serve means to take vitamins. You are such servers, are you not? Service has so much importance. Now, check these things. Are you experiencing such service? No matter how much confusion some may have, service makes them dance in happiness. No matter how ill someone may be, service will make that one healthy. Let it not be that you became ill from doing service - no. Service makes ill people healthy. Let there be such an experience. You are such special servers, such special souls. BapDada always looks at the servers with an elevated relationship, because you have become renunciates and tapaswis in order to serve. Seeing your renunciation and tapasya, BapDada is always pleased. 

    All servers are souls who have become instruments for constant service. Always consider yourself to be an instrument and continue to move forward in service. Check that you don't have any consciousness of "mine", that "I am a server". The Father is Karavanhar and I am an instrument. The One inspiring is making me do it, the One making me move along is making me move. When you have this elevated feeling you will always remain detached and loving. If I am the one who is doing everything, I cannot be detached and loving. Therefore, the easy way to be constantly detached and loving is: Karavanhar is making me do everything. Maintain this awareness and there will then be greater success and service will be done easily; there won't be any effort. You are not those who enter into the web of the consciousness of "I". If you say, "Baba, Baba," in everything, there is success. Such servers always move forward and also make others move forward. Otherwise, you yourself are sometimes in the flying stage, sometimes the ascending stage and sometimes the walking stage. You will continue to fluctuate and you won't be able to make others powerful. You are not those who always just say, "Baba, Baba", but those who actually put it into practice. Such servers are always close to BapDada and are always destroyers of obstacles. Achcha. 


    May you be an intense effort-maker who flies in the flying stage with the wings of courage, zeal and enthusiasm. 

    The two wings for the flying stage are courage and zeal and enthusiasm. To achieve success in any task, it is very necessary to have courage and zeal and enthusiasm. Where there isn’t any zeal and enthusiasm there is tiredness and those who are tired cannot be successful. According to the present time, you will not be able to reach your destination unless you have the flying stage because the effort that has to be made is in just this one birth whereas the attainment is not just for 21 births, but for the whole cycle. So, when you have the recognition of time in your awareness, your efforts will automatically become intense. 


    Only those who fulfil everyone’s desires are Kaamdhenu (the cow that fulfils everyone’s desires). 

    ***OM SHANTI***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 28 July 2019

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