Brahma Kumaris Murli English 14 July 2019

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 14 July 2019

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 14 July 2019
    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 14 July 2019

    14/07/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 31/12/84 

    Show the sparkle of newness through the new knowledge and new life. 

    Today, all the children from everywhere are present at this highest and holiest new spiritual gathering in their corporeal or angelic forms to celebrate the New Year with BapDada, who gives new life in the new age with this new knowledge. All the children’s zeal and enthusiasm in their hearts, their pure thoughts of promising to bring about transformation, their good wishes and pure feelings have all reached BapDada. BapDada gives greetings for all time to all the creators, the special world-transformer souls, the ones who always stay beyond the awareness of old sanskars, old memories, old attitude and awareness of the old bodies of this old world, and to those who bid farewell to all the old things. He congratulates those who put a full stop to the past and apply a tilak of self-sovereignty. Along with congratulating you for bidding farewell, Baba is also giving all the children a special gift for the New Year: "May you always remain in the Father’s company. May you also be equal. May you always have the elevated spiritual intoxication of being seated on the heart-throne.” Baba is giving the gift of this blessing. 

    Throughout the whole year, let there be this powerful awareness: You are with the Father, you are equal to the Father and you will automatically continue to experience congratulations at every moment for bidding farewell in every thought. If you haven’t bidden farewell to the old, you cannot experience congratulations for newness. This is why, just as today, you bid farewell to the old world, in the same way, together with the year, whatever old things Baba has told you about, also bid farewell to all of those. This is the new age, the beautiful new world of Brahmins, new relationships and a new family. There are new attainments. Everything is new. When you look at others, you look at the spirit with spiritual vision. You only think of spiritual things. Therefore, everything is new, is it not? The systems are new and the love is new, everything is new. So, constantly have congratulations for newness. These are called spiritual congratulations, they are not for just one day, but you constantly continue to move forward with spiritual congratulations. You are being sustained and you move along with the congratulations and spiritual blessings of BapDada and the whole Brahmin family. No one in the world can celebrate such a New Year. They celebrate for a temporary period. You celebrate it eternally, for all time. There, they are human souls celebrating with human beings, whereas you elevated souls celebrate with God, the Father. You celebrate with the Bestower of Fortune and the Bestower of Blessings. This is why, to celebrate is to fill your aprons for all time with treasures and blessings. Theirs is celebrating and losing, whereas here, you fill your aprons. This is why you celebrate it with BapDada, is it not? Those people say "Happy New Year" and you say "Ever Happy New Year". It isn't that, today, you are happy and tomorrow, a situation of sorrow makes you unhappy. No matter what type of sorrowful situation comes, even at such a time, with your stage of being an embodiment of happiness and peace, you play the parts of bestowers, master oceans of happiness and give rays of peace and happiness to everyone. This is why you remain beyond any influence of sorrowful situations and you constantly experience being ever happy. So, what newness will you put into this New Year? You will have conferences and melas. Everyone is now already tired of all those old customs and systems and old ways and activities. Everyone feels that something new should happen. They are unable to understand what newness there should be or how it should take place. Give an experience of the sparkle of newness through this new knowledge and new life to those who desire some newness. They do at least understand that this is good. However, as yet, the experience that this is new and that it is this new knowledge which is bringing about the new world is incognito. They say that it should happen. In order to fulfil their desire, put the practical example of new life in front of them in a practical way through which they can experience a new sparkle. Therefore, reveal the new knowledge. When newness is experienced through the life of every Brahmin, they will be able to have a glimpse of the new world. Whatever programme you have, aim to let everyone experience newness. Instead of them making the remark "This too is good work", let them have an experience that this new knowledge will bring about the new world. Do you understand? Spread the wave of experiencing the establishment of the new world. “The new world is about to come, that is, the time for all of us to receive the fruit of our good wishes has come.” Let such zeal and enthusiasm be created in their minds. In place of hopelessness, ignite deepaks (earthenware lamps) of good wishes in them. When any big day is celebrated, they ignite deepaks. Nowadays, they have royal candles. Therefore, ignite this deepak in everyone's mind. Celebrate such a New Year. Give everyone the gift of the fruit of elevated feelings. Achcha. 

    To those who constantly give others a glimpse of the new life and the new age, to those who give greetings of new zeal and enthusiasm, to those who make everyone ever happy, to those who give the world the experience of the new creation, to all the most elevated new age transformers, world benefactors, to those who constantly experience the Father's company, to the children who are constant companions of the Father, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

    BapDada meeting groups: 

    Have all of you had the determined thought that the new zeal and new enthusiasm for the New Year have to remain all the time? This is the new age and so every thought should be the newest of all. Let every deed be the newest of all. This is called new zeal and new enthusiasm. Have you had such a determined thought? Just as the Father is eternal, so the attainments from the Father are eternal. Therefore, you can attain imperishable attainments through your determined thoughts. So, when you return to your work places, don't forget this imperishable determined thought. To forget means to lack attainment whereas to have the determined thought means to have all attainments. 

    Always consider yourselves to be multimillion times fortunate souls. When every step you take is filled with remembrance, each of those steps will be filled with a multi-million fold income. Therefore, always consider yourselves to be multimillion times fortunate souls who earn an immeasurable income each day, and always have the happiness "Wah my elevated fortune!" Others who see you happy will continue to receive inspiration. This is an easy way to serve. Those who are constantly intoxicated in remembrance and service are the ones who remain safe and victorious. Remembrance and service bring such power that you will constantly continue to move forward. However, you must definitely always keep a balance between remembrance and service. This balance will enable you to receive blessings. Because of their courage, courageous children constantly receive help. When children take one step of courage, they receive a thousand steps of help from the Father. 

    After midnight, on 1.1.85, double-foreign brothers and sisters sang a song of happiness for the New Year and BapDada gave greetings to all the children. 

    Just as children sing songs of remembrance out of love for the Father, and become merged in love, in the same way, the Father is also merged in love for the children. The Father is the Beloved and also the Lover. The Father also falls in love with the speciality of each child. So, do you know your own speciality? Does each of you know which speciality you have that made the Father fall in love with you? 

    In the whole world, there are so few such loving children of the Father. Therefore BapDada is giving all the loving children multimillion-fold greetings for the New Year with a lot of love from the depths of His heart. Just as all of you sang a song, BapDada is also singing songs of happiness of you children. The Father's songs are sung in the mind and your songs are sung in words. Your songs have been heard, but did you also hear the Father's songs? 

    In this New Year, definitely always continue to show in every deed one speciality or another. Let every thought be special, let it not be ordinary. Why? Every thought, word and deed of special souls is always special. Constantly continue to move forward with zeal and enthusiasm. Zeal and enthusiasm are your special wings. You can fly as high as you want with these wings. These wings give you the experience of the flying stage. Fly with these wings and no obstacle will reach you there. When people go into space, there is no pull of the Earth’s gravity there. In the same way, obstacles cannot do anything to those who are in the flying stage. Special service is to continue to move forward constantly with zeal and enthusiasm and to inspire others to move forward. Servers constantly have to move forward with this speciality. 

    Through your elevated stage of a light-and-might-house, become an instrument for God’s revelation. 

    Before revealing the Father, reveal from within yourself all the praise that applies to you. Only then will you be able to reveal the Father. For this, understand what is the intense, volcano-like form, that is, the stage of a light-and-might-house and stay engaged in that effort. Especially make the pilgrimage of remembrance powerful and become an experienced embodiment of knowledge. The desire of the majority of devotees is just to see the light for even a second. The eyes of you children are the means to fulfil that desire of theirs. Through your eyes, let there be a vision granted of the Father’s form of light. Let your eyes not be seen as eyes, but as balls of light. 

    Just as you see sparkling stars in the sky, in the same way, let your eyes also be seen as sparkling stars. However, they will only be seen to be that when you yourselves remain stable in the form of light. Let there be lightness in actions and let your form be of light, let your stage be light. When you special souls have made such effort or have such a stage, revelation will then take place. As you act and speak, entertain and make connections and relationships, practise being detached. Just as it is easy to form relationships and act, so let it be just as easy to become detached. Let there be that practice. When things reach an extreme, the end will take place in a second - this is the effort for a light stage: one moment be in a deep relationship and the next moment, be detached to the same extent that you were in that connection and become a lighthouse. By practising this, you will create the stage of a light-and-might-house and many souls will have visions. This is the method for revelation. 

    This is now the last season that remains for the drums of revelation to beat. The sound will be heard everywhere whilst there is silence. The drums will beat through silence. Whilst the drums of the mouth are beating, revelation will not take place. When the drums of revelation beat, the drums of the mouth will stop beating. Victory of silence over science has been remembered; it is not through words. Now, let the speciality of revelation come from behind the clouds. The clouds are dispersing, but they haven’t dispersed completely. The more you reach the powerful stage of being a master sun of knowledge and a light-and-might-house, the more these clouds will continue to disperse. The second that the clouds have completely dispersed, the drums will beat. 

    When there is fire everywhere, everyone runs to a place of coolness. Similarly, be an embodiment of peace and give everyone the experience of the sacrificial vessel of peace. By serving through your mind, you can bring about revelation of the sacrificial vessel of peace. Wherever the children of the Ocean of Peace stay, let that place be like a sacrificial vessel of peace (shanti-kund). 

    Become like Father Brahma who has an unlimited crown and spread the light and might of revelation through which all souls who have lost all hope will be able to see the rays of hope. Let everyone’s finger point to that special place. Let those who point upwards beyond the sky and who are looking for someone experience the stars of the earth to have been revealed on this land of blessings. Let them experience the Sun, the moon and the galaxy of stars here. In a collective form, become a powerful light-and-might-house and do the service of spreading vibrations. Everyone is now waiting to see when their master creators will become complete and perfect and welcome them. Even the elements will welcome them. So the day when they welcome you with the garland of success has to come. When the drums of success beat, the drums of revelation will also beat. They have to beat. 

    Bharat is the land of the Father’s incarnation and Bharat is the instrumental land for the loud sound of revelation to be heard. The co-operation from the lands abroad will bring about revelation in Bharat and the sound of revelation in Bharat will go abroad. There are many in this world who can make an impact through words but the speciality of your words is that your words have to remind others of the Father. Let the success of your every thought show souls the path to salvation: this is your uniqueness. Up to now it is well known that Raja Yogi souls are elevated, that Raja Yoga is elevated, that their acts are elevated and their transformation is great. Similarly, now reveal that it is the Almighty Himself who is directly teaching you; that the Sun of Knowledge has now risen in the physical world. 

    If you think the Father’s revelation has to be brought about quickly, then the method for this to happen fast is: each one has to imbibe a positive attitude for the self and for others. Become knowledge-full but do not have negative thoughts in your mind. Anything negative is rubbish. Therefore, make your attitude, vibrations and atmosphere powerful. When the atmosphere everywhere becomes completely free from obstacles, merciful, full of good wishes and pure feelings, then your stage of light-and-might will be instrumental in making revelation happen. Revelation will take place through the balance of constant service and tapasya. Just as you create dialogues for service, so too, also have such tapasya that all moths reach your special places saying, “Baba, Baba!” When the moths come and say, “Baba, Baba”, it can be said that revelation is taking place. 

    Prepare such mikes who can spread the sound of revelation through the media. You say: God has already come, God has already come. So they think that that is common. However, let others should now say this on your behalf; let those with authority say this. First of all, let them reveal you as Shaktis. When the Shaktis are revealed, Father Shiva too will then definitely be revealed. 


    May you be a soul who, as well has having yoga and conducting yoga also has the speciality of experimenting with yoga. 

    BapDada has seen that you children are clever both at having yoga and conducting yoga. So, just as you are clever at having yoga and conducting yoga, in the same way, become clever at experimenting with yoga and enable others to experiment. There is now a need for a life of experimenting with yoga. First of all, check: to what extent do I experiment with transforming my sanskars? This is because elevated sanskars are the foundation of creating an elevated world. If the foundation is strong, then all the other things will automatically be strong. 


    Experienced souls can never be influenced by any atmosphere or be coloured by any company. 

    ***OM SHANTI***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 14 July 2019

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