Brahma Kumaris Murli English 30 June 2019

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 30 June 2019

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 30 June 2019
    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 30 June 2019

    30/06/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 19/12/84 

    The most elevated, easy and clear path. 

    Today, BapDada is especially seeing His loving companions who always fulfil the responsibility of companionship. A companion means someone who is always with you, someone who fulfils the responsibility of companionship in every act and thought, someone who moves forward placing each footstep in every step, someone who doesn't take a single step according to the dictates of his own mind or the dictates of others. Those who fulfil the responsibility of constant companionship always experience this to be an easy path, because the Father, the elevated Companion, make this path clear and clean by stepping along it. You simply have to continue to move along by placing your footsteps in His footsteps. There is not even any need to think whether the path is right, easy or clear. Where the Father has placed His footsteps, it is anyway an elevated path. Simply take steps and claim multimillions at every step. It is so easy. The Father incarnates in the corporeal world and becomes your Companion in order to fulfil the responsibility of companionship and places the feet of His acts through the corporeal medium to demonstrate to you. He made the corporeal one His medium in order to make it easy for you. It is easy to follow and place your footsteps in His footsteps in the corporeal form, is it not? The elevated Companion has shown His companions such an easy path because the Father, the Companion, knows that the ones whom He had made His companions have wandered around a great deal and have thereby become weary. They are disheartened and weak. They became disheartened by thinking it was difficult. That is why this is the easiest of all. Simply place your steps in His footsteps. Baba shows you this easy method. It is your duty simply to place your footsteps in His. To make you move, to make you go across, to fill you with power at every step and to remove your tiredness is the duty of your Companion. Just don't place your footsteps anywhere else. Simply to place your steps in His footsteps is not difficult, is it? To place your footsteps means to have a thought. Whatever the Companion says, however He makes you move, you will move in that way. You will not use your own head. To use your own head means to cry out in distress. So, you know how to place your footsteps in this way, do you not? Is this difficult? The One who takes all responsibility is taking responsibility. So, do you not know how to hand over any responsibility to Him? Since He has kept the corporeal medium as a sample to show you the path, why is it difficult to follow the path? The easy way is a method of just a second. What Father Brahma did in the corporeal form and how he did it is all you have to do. You simply have to follow the father. 

    Verify every thought. Is my thought the same as the Father's thought? Do you not know how to copy? People in the world stop you from copying, whereas here, you simply have to copy . So, is this easy or difficult? Since you have found an easy, simple and clear path, simply follow it. Why do you go onto other paths? Other paths are paths of waste thoughts. They are paths of thoughts of weakness. They are paths of the different thoughts of iron-aged attractions. By following those paths, you end up in a forest of confusion and, because of having so many thorns all around you, you are not able to come out of it when you try. What are those thorns? Sometimes, you are pricked by the thorn of “What will happen?" Sometimes, you are pricked by the thorn of "Why?" Sometimes, you are pricked by the thorn of "How?" Sometimes, you are pricked by the thorns of your own weak sanskars. Everywhere you look, you only see thorns. You then cry out: Companion, now come and save me! The Companion then says: Instead of placing your steps in My footsteps, why did you go onto another path? Since the Companion Himself is offering you His companionship, why do you leave that Companion? To step away means to let go of your support. Why do you go off on your own? The attraction of limited company, of some relationship or some facility attracts you to itself and, because of that attraction, you make that facility or perishable relationship your companion or your support and you then step away from the eternal Companion and your support is lost. For half the cycle, you considered those limited supports to be your supports. You have experienced whether they were true supports or quicksand. Did they trap you or make you fall or did they enable you to reach your destination? You experienced that very clearly, did you not? You have not experienced those for just one birth, but you have experienced them for 63 births. Do you still want one or two more births? Those who are deceived once should not be deceived a second time. Those who are repeatedly deceived are said to be unfortunate. Now, the Bestower of Fortune and Father Brahma himself have drawn the long line of elevated fortune in the horoscope of all Brahmins. The Bestower of Fortune has created your fortune. Because the Bestower of Fortune is your Father, He has given every Brahmin child the inheritance of the full treasure- store of fortune. Therefore, just think about it: What could be lacking for someone who is a child of the Master of the treasure-store of fortune? 

    You don't even need to think, "What is my fortune?", because the Bestower of Fortune has become your Father and so what would a child lack in terms of the property of fortune? You have become masters of the treasures of fortune, have you not? Those who are so fortunate can never be deceived. Therefore, the easy way is to place your steps in His footsteps. You confused yourself and let go of the company of your Companion. Simply remember this one thing constantly: I am in the company of the elevated Companion. Verify this and you will always remain satisfied with yourself. Do you understand the easy way? Don't make easy things difficult. Don't experience anything to be difficult even in your thoughts. You know how to have such determined thoughts, do you not? Or, when you go back to your respective places, will you say that it is difficult? BapDada sees that, even though you are called easy yogis, you experience things to be difficult. You consider yourselves to be those who have a right and yet you become dependent. You are children of the Bestower of Fortune and you question whether you have fortune or not. “Perhaps just this much is my fortune!” Therefore, know yourself and always move along considering yourself to be a companion at every moment. Achcha. 

    To those who place their steps in His footsteps at every step, to those who follow the father, to those who constantly experience the company of the Companion in every thought, to those who fulfil the responsibility of love and always belong to the one Companion and none other, to those who are easy yogis, to the elevated, fortunate, special souls BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste. 

    Avyakt BapDada having personal meetings with kumaris: 

    1) Kumaris are those who perform wonders. You are not ordinary kumaris, you are alokik kumaris. What do lokik kumaris of this world do and what do you alokik kumaris do? There is the difference of day and night. They stay in body consciousness and make others fall into body consciousness, whereas you remain constantly soul conscious and fly and make others fly. You are such kumaris, are you not? Since you have found the Father, you have all relationships with the one Father. Previously, it was just in name, but now it is practical. On the path of devotion too, you used to sing: We have all relationships with the Father. However, you now receive the sweetness from having all relationships with the Father in a practical way. You are those who have such an experience, are you not? When you receive all sweetness from the one Father, your thoughts cannot go anywhere else. Those who are victorious jewels whose intellects have such faith are always remembered and worshipped. Are you aware that you are victorious souls, that you are souls who always have the tilak of remembrance? What wonders will so many of you kumaris perform? You will constantly reveal the Father through your every act. Let the Father be visible in your every act. Even let the words you speak be such that the Father is visible in them. Some people in the world speak very well. Everyone then wonders who taught that person. Their vision goes to that person. In the same way, let the Father be revealed in your every act. Your speciality is being embodiments of dharna, embodiments of divinity. All become those who give lectures, but only a handful out of multimillions become those who give a lecture through their every act. So, you will reveal such a speciality, will you not? Show the image of the Father through your activity. Achcha. 

    2) This is a big group of kumaris. An army is being prepared. Those people do “left, right” and you always do that which is right. This army is so elevated. You become victorious through peace. You attain self-sovereignty through peace. You don't have to create any upheaval. So, you are the Shaktis of the very strong Shakti Army. You are not those who will leave the army. No one can shake you, even in your dreams. You are not those who are ever influenced by anyone's company. Those who constantly stay in the Father's company cannot be influenced by any other company. Therefore, the whole group of you is a brave group, is it not? What do those who are brave do? They go onto the battlefield. So, all of you are brave, but you haven't gone onto the field as yet. When brave ones go onto a battlefield, you must have seen how a band plays when brave ones show such bravery. When you go onto the field, bands of happiness will play. Kumaris always have elevated fortune. Kumaris have a very good chance for serving. There are going to be more chances too, because there is a lot of service to be done and few servers. When you servers go out on service, how much service will get done! We shall see what wonders the kumaris perform. Everyone carries out ordinary tasks, but you have to carry out a special task. Kumaris are the decoration of the home. No matter what they consider kumaris to be in the world, kumaris in the parlokik home are considered to be great. There is beauty in a centre when kumaris are there. There is also a special lift for the mothers. First is the mother guru. The Father has placed the mother gurus ahead and this is why, in the future, the name of the mothers (women) is first. Achcha. 

    BapDada meeting teachers: 

    Teachers mean those who are equal to the Father. As is the Father, so are you instrument servers. The Father becomes the Instrument and so servers too are instrument souls. By considering yourself to be an instrument, you automatically develop sanskars of being equal to the Father in a practical way. If you don't consider yourself to be an instrument, you cannot then become equal to the Father. Therefore, first is to be an instrument and the next is to be constantly detached and loving. This is the Father’s speciality. He becomes loving and also remains detached. He is loving whilst detached. So, to be equal to the Father means to be extremely detached and extremely loving. To be detached from others and loving to the Father; this is being equal. These are the two specialities of the Father. So, servers who are equal to the Father are also like that. By constantly keeping this speciality in your awareness, you will easily continue to move forward; you won't have to make effort. Where you are an instrument, success is guaranteed. There cannot be the consciousness of "mine" there. Where there is the consciousness of "mine", there isn't success. To have the feeling of being an instrument is the key to success. Since you have let go of any limited, worldly "mine", where did any other "mine" come from? Instead of saying "mine" say, "Baba, Baba!", and you will be constantly safe. It is not my centre, but Baba's centre. Not my student, but Baba's student. “Mine” finishes and, instead, it becomes “Yours”. To say, "Yours" means to fly. So to be instrument teachers means to be examples of the flying stage. Just as you become examples of the flying stage, in the same way, others also become that. Even against your conscious wish, those for whom you become instruments receive those vibrations automatically. So, instrument teachers, servers, are constantly detached and constantly loving. You are those who will pass any paper whenever you are faced with a paper. You are victorious ones whose intellects have faith. 

    Meeting groups: 

    1. Do you constantly experience yourselves to be double-light angels? An angel means one whose world is the one Father alone. Such angels are always loved by the Father. Angels means those who don't have any attraction to bodies or bodily relationships. Each of you is in a body in name and you interact with bodily relations, but not with attachment because angels don’t have a relationship with anyone else. Angels only have a relationship with the one Father. You are such angels, are you not? One minute you come into your body to act and the next moment you become detached from your body. Angels are here one second and somewhere else in the next because they are the ones who fly. They take the support of a body in order to act and then they go up above. Do you experience this? If there is attachment anywhere, if there is a bondage, then those with a bondage cannot fly; they would come down. Angels means those who are constantly in the flying stage, not those who fluctuate. You are those who constantly stay in the stage above, the ones who stay in the world of angels. So, when you become angels, embodiments of remembrance, all other relationships end. You have such a practice, do you not? You perform actions and then become detached. What do you do in a lift? One minute you are down and the next minute you go up. You come down, perform your actions and then press the switch and go up again. Have such a practice. Achcha. 

    2) All of you are spiritual roses, are you not? Are you jasmines or are you roses? Just as roses are said to be the most elevated of flowers, in the same way, spiritual roses means the most elevated souls. Spiritual roses are those who always maintain their spirituality, those who always maintain spiritual intoxication, those who always do spiritual service. You are such spiritual roses. According to the present time, there is a need for spirituality. It is because of not having spirituality, that there is all that fighting and quarrelling. So, become spiritual roses and spread spiritual fragrance. This is the occupation of Brahmin life. Stay constantly busy in this occupation. 


    May you be free from any bondage of karma and experience the stage of liberation in life, like Father Brahma. 

    While performing actions, Father Brahma did not become trapped in any bondage of karma. While fulfilling the responsibility of relationships, he did not allow himself to be tied in any bondage of those relationships. He also remained free from the bondage of wealth and facilities. While looking after his responsibilities, he experienced the stage of liberation in life. Follow the father in the same way. Do not become tied in any bondage of past karmic accounts. Do not even be influenced by any sanskars or nature or get into any bondage of being impressed or suppressed. You would then be said to be free from karmic bondage and liberated in life. 


    Change all adverse situations of your family with your soul-conscious attitude. 

    ***OM SHANTI***

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 30 June 2019

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