BK Murli English Today 20 June 2019

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    BK Murli English Today 20 June 2019
    BK Murli English Today 20 June 2019
    BK Murli English Today 20 June 2019

    20/06/19 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban 

    Sweet children, become introverted, that is, remain silent. Do not say anything through your mouth. Carry out every task peacefully. Never spread peacelessness. 


    What is a very great enemy of you children that has made you poverty-stricken? 


    Anger. It is said that when there is anger, even urns of water dry up. The urn of Bharat that was once filled with diamonds and jewels has now become empty because of this evil spirit. It is this evil spirit that has made you poverty-stricken. An angry person becomes heated and he also makes others heated. Therefore, now become introverted and remove this evil spirit. 

    Om Shanti 

    The Father says to you children: Sweet children, become introverted. To become introverted means not to say anything. Consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father. The Father sits here and gives these teachings to you children. There is no need to say anything more about this. You are simply given an explanation of how to live at home with your family. This is “Manmanabhav”. Remember Me! This is the first and the main point. You children should not get angry at home. Anger is such that it even dries up an urn of water. An angry person spreads peacelessness. Therefore, while living at home with your family you must remain peaceful. Eat your meal and go to your office or your business etc. There, too, it is good to remain in silence. Everyone says that they want peace. It has been explained to you children that only the one Father is the Ocean of Peace. The Father gives you the direction: Remember Me. There is no need to say anything; just remain introverted. You also have to do your work at the office, but you do not have to talk a lot. You have to become totally sweet. Do not cause sorrow for anyone. To fight etc. is to become angry. Your greatest enemy is lust and the second number is anger. It makes you cause sorrow for one another. So many fights take place through anger. You children understand that there is no fighting in the golden age. Anger is a sign of being like Ravan. Those with anger are called ones who belong to the devilish community. An evil spirit enters them. There is no need to say anything to them because those human beings don’t have knowledge; they will continue to be angry. When you get angry with an angry person, a fight takes place. The Father explains: That is a very forceful evil spirit; you have to chase it away tactfully. Do not allow bitter words to emerge from your lips. They cause a great deal of harm. Destruction too takes place due to anger. When there is anger in a home, there is a great deal of peacelessness. If you get angry, you defame the Father’s name. You have to chase away these evil spirits. Once you chase them away, they will not exist for half a cycle. These five vices are now in full force. It is at this time, when the vices are in full force, that the Father comes.

    These eyes are very criminal. The mouth is also criminal. People speak loudly and get heated and they also heat their home. Lust and anger are your two greatest enemies. Those with anger cannot stay in remembrance. Those who stay in remembrance would always remain peaceful. Ask your own heart: Do I have an evil spirit in me? There is also the evil spirit of attachment and there is the evil spirit of greed too. The evil spirit of greed is no less. All of these are evil spirits because they belong to Ravan’s army. The Father teaches you children the pilgrimage of remembrance. However, many become very confused about this. They do not understand because they have done a great deal of devotion. The path of devotion is body consciousness. For half a cycle there has been body consciousness. Because of being extroverted, you were not able to consider yourself to be a soul. The Father emphasizes this a great deal: Consider yourselves to be souls and remember Me, your Father. However, they don’t know how to do this. They accept all the other things and yet they still ask: How can we have remembrance? We cannot see anything. It is explained to them: Do you consider yourself to be a soul? You also know that that One is your unlimited Father. You do not have to say, “Shiva, Shiva” with your lips. You know internally that you are a soul. Human beings ask for peace. Only the Supreme Soul is the Ocean of Peace. He would surely be the One who gives the inheritance. The Father now explains: Remember Me and you will become peaceful and your sins of innumerable births will be absolved. There is nothing else. There isn’t a huge oval image. Souls are tiny and the Father is also tiny. Everyone remembers Him and says: Oh Bhagwan! Oh God! Who says this? Souls say this. Souls remember their Father. Therefore, the Father says to the children: Manmanabhav! Sweetest children, remain introverted. Everything you see is going to be destroyed and souls will reside in peace. Souls have to return to the land of peace. Souls cannot return to the land of peace until they become pure. Even sages and holy men ask how they can attain peace.

    The Father shows you an easy method. However, there are many of you children who are not able to remain peaceful. Baba knows that some of you who live at home do not remain peaceful at all. They go to a centre for a short while. Nevertheless, they do not remain peaceful internally and they do not remember the Father. Throughout the day, they continue to create chaos at home. Therefore, they are not able to be peaceful even when they go to a centre. When someone has love for someone's body, his mind can never experience peace. You only keep remembering that one, that’s all. The Father explains: Human beings have five evil spirits in them. It is said, “An evil spirit has entered this one.” It is these evil spirits that have made you poverty-stricken. At the most, there would only be one evil spirit (ghost) that could enter someone at any time. The Father says: These five evil spirits are inside everyone. People call out to God in order to have these evil spirits removed. They say: Baba, come and give us peace. Show us the way to chase away these evil spirits. These evil spirits are present in everyone. This is the kingdom of Ravan. The biggest evil spirits are lust and anger. The Father comes and chases away these evil spirits. Therefore, He should be given a return for that. Those people chase away evil spirits and ghosts but they do not receive anything. You children know that the Father comes in order to chase away the evil spirits from the whole world. These evil spirits are now present in everyone in the world. There are no evil spirits in the deities. They do not have evil spirits of body consciousness – no lust, anger, greed or attachment; none at all. The evil spirit of greed too is no less: "I want to eat eggs! I want to eat this or that!" Many have this evil spirit. You understand in your heart whether you have the evil spirit of lust or the evil spirit of anger within you. Therefore, the Father has to beat his head so much to remove these evil spirits. By coming into body consciousness you have a desire to embrace someone. Then the whole of your income is destroyed. The same thing happens to those who have anger.

     A father becomes angry and hits his son or the son hits his father or the wife kills her husband. Just go and see what kinds of cases they have in prisons. Just see what the condition of Bharat has become since these evil spirits entered. The huge urn of Bharat that was completely full of gold and diamonds has now become empty. Because of anger, it is said that even an urn of water dries up. Bharat has also reached the same condition. No one knows this either. Only the Father comes and removes the evil spirits, which no human being can remove. These five evil spirits are very powerful; they have existed for half a cycle; don’t even ask! Although some remain pure, their births are still through vice; it is still a vice. The five evil spirits have made Bharat completely poverty-stricken. Just look how the drama is made! The Father sits and explains this. Bharat has become so poverty-stricken that it has to take loans from abroad. The Father explains the things of Bharat. You children receive so much wealth through this study. This is an imperishable education which the imperishable Father teaches. The path of devotion has so much paraphernalia. Baba used to study the Gita from a very young age and he also used to worship Narayan, but he did not understand anything at all. He did not even understand that he is a soul and that that One is our Father. This is why you ask how you can have remembrance. Ah! but you have been remembering Him on the path of devotion and saying: O God, come and liberate us! Become our Guide! The Guide is needed for you to attain liberation and liberation-in-life. The Father inspires you to have distaste for this old world. At this time, every soul has become ugly, and so how can anyone receive a beautiful body? No matter how fair the skin may be, the soul is still ugly. Those who have fair skin and beautiful bodies have so much intoxication about themselves. Human beings don’t even know how souls become beautiful. This is why they are called atheists. Those who don’t know their Father, the Creator, or His creation are called atheists. Those who know Him are called theists.

    The Father sits here and explains everything to you children very clearly. Each one of you should ask your heart: To what extent is there cleanliness within me? To what extent do I consider myself to be a soul and how much do I remember the Father? It is with the power of remembrance that you have to gain victory over Ravan. There is no question in this of being physically powerful. At this time, it is America that is most powerful, because it has lot of wealth, property and armaments etc. That is physical power for killing everyone. It is in their intellects that they want to have victory. Yours is spiritual power, through which you gain victory over Ravan and through which you become the masters of the world. No one can conquer you or snatch your kingdom away for half a cycle. No one else receives this inheritance from the Father. Just think for a moment what you are becoming! You have to remember the Father with a great deal of love and also spin the discus of self-realization. People think that Vishnu used the discus of self-realization to cut off the heads of others. However, there is no question of violence in this. Therefore, the Father tells you sweetest children: Sweet children, look what you were before and look at your condition now. No matter how much devotion you did, you were not able to remove the evil spirits. Now become introverted and see whether there are any evil spirits within you. If you attach your heart to anyone or embrace someone, you should then understand that everything you had earned is lost. Baba does not even like to look at such people’s faces. It is as though they become untouchables; they are not clean. Their consciences bite them and they feel that they have definitely become untouchable. The Father says: Forget everything, including your body, and consider yourself to be a soul. It is only by maintaining this stage that you will become a deity. Therefore, there should be no evil spirit in you. Baba continues to tell you to check yourselves. Many have anger in them; they can’t stay without insulting someone. Then a fight takes place. Anger is very bad. Chase away these evil spirits and become absolutely clear. You should not even remember your own body. Only then will you claim a high status.

    This is why only eight jewels have been remembered. You receive the jewels of knowledge in order to become a jewel. People say that there were 330 million deities. However, only eight jewels pass with honours. They are the ones who receive a prize. It is like receiving a scholarship. You understand that the destination is very high. Some fall while moving along when an evil spirit enters them. There is no vice there. The drama of the whole cycle should spin in the intellects of you children. You know how many years, how many months, hours and minutes and seconds there are in 5000 years. If any of you want, you can calculate this. Then you can write on the picture of the tree that there are so many years, months, days, hours and seconds in a cycle. People will say that what you tell them is absolutely accurate. If Baba tells you about the account of 84 births, why would He not tell you about the duration of the cycle? The main aspect that the children have been told is: No matter what, you have to chase away these evil spirits. These evil spirits have destroyed all truth. These evil spirits are definitely present in every human being. They are born through impurity. There, there is no impurity; there is no Ravan. No one understands what Ravan is either. You gain victory over Ravan so that Ravan will no longer exist. Now, make effort! The Father has come, and so you surely have to receive the inheritance from Him. You cannot calculate how many times you have become deities or how many times you have become devils. You have become those countless times. Achcha, children, remain in silence and you will never become angry. You should put into practice the teachings that the Father gives you. Achcha. 

    To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children. 

    Essence for Dharna 

    1. Ask yourself: Is there any evil spirit within me? Do my eyes become criminal? Do I have the sanskars of speaking too loudly and spreading peacelessness? Does the vice of attachment or greed harass me? 

    2. Don't attach your heart to any bodily being. Forget everything, including your own body, and fill yourself with spiritual power by remaining on the pilgrimage of remembrance. Once you chase away the evil spirits, you become free from them for half a cycle. 


    May you imbibe the virtue of humility and give happiness to everyone as a bestower of happiness and an embodiment of happiness. 

    The sign of you great souls is your humility. To the extent that you are humble, you will accordingly be respected by everyone. Those who are humble give happiness to everyone. Wherever they go and whatever they do, they would give happiness. Whoever comes into contact or a relationship with you should experience happiness for this is why the praise of you Brahmin souls is: You are embodiments of happiness, bestowers of happiness, children of the Ocean of Happiness. So, continue to give everyone happiness and take happiness from everyone. If anyone causes you sorrow, do not take it. 


    The most enlightened souls are those who remain soul conscious. 

    ***OM SHANTI***

    BK Murli English Today 20 June 2019

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