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    BK Murli English 9 June 2019

    BK Murli English 9 June 2019
    BK Murli English 9 June 2019

    09/06/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 10/12/84 

    The sign of completing the old accounts. 

    BapDada spoke this murli after an incident took place in Bhopal, India on 2nd December, 1984, when over 40 tonnes of lethal gases leaked from a factory in Bhopal, killing thousands of people.) 

    Today, BapDada has taken the support of this corporeal body and come to meet His corporeal children in the corporeal world. BapDada is looking at his unshakeable and immovable children amidst the upheaval of the world at the present time, that is, in the world with the atmosphere of sorrow. He is seeing the lotus flowers who, whilst living amidst upheaval, remain detached and loving to the Father. He is seeing the fearless children who are embodiments of power who are living amidst an atmosphere of fear. He is seeing carefree emperors who are world transformers. You are such carefree emperors that there cannot be the slightest trace of influence on you from anywhere in the atmosphere of worry. At present, the majority of souls in the world have worry and fear in particular in them. However, to the extent that they worry, to that extent you have positive thoughts for them. You have changed worrying into being an embodiment of having pure and positive thoughts for them. Instead of being fearful, you are singing songs of happiness. You are experiencing this much transformation, are you not? You are those who give everyone a drop of peace and happiness by constantly having pure and positive thoughts for others, and serving through your mind with good wishes and pure feelings. You are those who become immortal images and give souls who have experienced untimely death the co-operation of peace and power because it is at present, the season of untimely death. Just as there are sudden hurricanes and storms, in the same way, storms of death take with them many altogether, suddenly and very quickly. The storms of untimely death have only just begun. Especially in Bharat, it is civil war and natural calamities that become instruments for transformation every cycle. The form of transformation abroad is different. However, in Bharat, it is these two things especially that are instrumental, and you are seeing rehearsals of both these things. Both are playing their parts at the same time. 

    You children asked how and why there are so many deaths at the same time. What is the reason for this? You know and also experience that the time for completion is coming close. All the accounts of sinful actions and sins performed by all souls in the copper and iron ages that still remain; have to be completed in full, because everyone now has to return home. If the fruit (return) of actions performed and sins committed from the copper age are not settled in one birth, they would continue into the next birth of accounts of settlement or attainment. However, it is now the final period and the accounts of sin are greater. This is why the old accounts of many souls are being settled by the punishment of a quick birth and a quick death. Therefore, at present, death is painful and the majority also take birth with a lot of pain and sorrow. Neither is death easy nor is birth easy. So, painful death and being born through suffering is the means to settle the karmic accounts quickly. Just as methods are used to kill small ants, big ants, mosquitoes etc., and mosquitoes and many types of germs and ants can be destroyed at the same time with those methods, in the same way, human beings of today are also experiencing untimely death like mosquitoes and ants. There is no longer a difference between human beings and ants in this respect. Because of all these accounts and because of them finishing for all time, storms of untimely death come from time to time. 

    In the same way, the part of punishment in the land of Dharamraj is also fixed at the end. However, that punishment is experienced by souls individually when they settle their karmic accounts. Even whilst souls have many types of karmic accounts, there are three special types: accounts that a soul has to suffer for himself, for example, illness. Souls settle their own accounts through the illness of their bodies. Another is for one’s head to become dull from the influence of some type of evil spirit. Souls themselves experience the suffering of karmic accounts through that type of punishment. Another account is to receive sorrow from relationships and connections. You can understand how that works. The third is the settling of karmic accounts through natural calamities. Therefore, karmic accounts are settled on the basis of all three types. So some karmic accounts will not be settled in the land of Dharamraj with relationships and connections or through natural calamities; they are settled here, in the corporeal world. All the old accounts of everyone have to finish. Therefore, this machinery of settling karmic accounts has to work now at a fast speed. All of this is to happen in the world. Do you understand? These are the karmic accounts of the philosophy of karma. Now, check yourself: Have I, the Brahmin soul, settled all my past karmic accounts by making intense effort at a fast speed or does some burden still remain? Do some of the old accounts still remain or have they all finished? Do you know the special signs of that? If any of your sanskars or nature create an obstacle to your bringing about elevated transformation or performing elevated actions, if you are unable to do as much as you want or as much as you think you want to do, if you say or think in your mind words such as, “I don’t know why this happens even against my conscious wish; I don’t know what happens”, if you have an elevated desire, you have courage and enthusiasm, and yet you feel yourself to be influenced by something, if you say that you shouldn’t have done something, that you didn’t think about it, but that it happened, that is called being influenced by your own old nature and sanskars, being influenced by bad company or being influenced by the atmosphere and vibrations. When you have any of these three stages of being influenced, then for something to happen against your conscious wish, for you to be unable to do something even when you think of doing it, when you do not attain success because of being influenced by something, it is a sign that a burden of some past account still remains. Check yourself against these signs. Does any type of burden bring you down from the experience of the flying stage? To settle accounts means to experience the flying stage within every attainment. If there is attainment only sometimes, then “sometimes” means that the account still remains. Therefore, check yourself in this way. In the world of sorrow, mountains of situations of sorrow are definitely going to erupt. At such a time, the means of safety is “the canopy of the Father’s protection”. You already have the canopy of protection, do you not? Achcha. 

    All of you have come to celebrate in the mela of the meeting. This is the mela of the meeting in which no matter how painful a scene may be, if you are in a mela, it will seem like a game. You will not feel fearful. You will continue to sing songs of the meeting and dance in happiness. You will give others the co-operation of courage. Not physical dancing, but this is dancing in happiness. You constantly celebrate the mela, do you not? You also stay in the mela of the meeting. Nevertheless, you have come to the Madhuban mela and BapDada is also pleased to see the children who celebrate such a mela. The decoration of Madhuban have reached Madhuban. Achcha. 

    To all the souls who are the form of power and constantly settle their own karmic accounts and enable others to settle their karmic accounts, to the spiritual lotus flowers who, whilst constantly being amidst some sorrowful and painful atmosphere, remain detached and loving to the Father, to the elevated souls who constantly have pure and positive thoughts for all souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste. 

    BapDada speaking to teachers: 

    You are servers, not teachers. Renunciation and tapasya are merged in service. To become a server means to have a right to the mine. Service is such that you remain overflowing at every second. You become so full that you continue to eat from that for half the cycle. You are such servers that you don’t need to make effort. Even in that, you are spiritual servers who stabilise yourselves in the awareness of the spirit and serve the spirits (souls). This is called being a spiritual server. BapDada always gives such spiritual servers the title of “Spiritual Rose.” Therefore, all of you are spiritual roses who never wilt. You are those who refresh everyone with the fragrance of your spirituality. 

    To become a server is very elevated fortune. A server means being equal to the Father. Just as the Father is the Server, in the same way, you are instrument servers. The Father is the unlimited Teacher and you are instrument teachers. So, you have attained the fortune of being equal to the Father. Through this elevated fortune, always continue to give others the blessing of imperishable fortune. Very few souls in the whole world have such fortune. Whilst keeping this special fortune in your awareness, become powerful and continue to make others powerful. Continue to make others fly. Make yourself constantly move forward and also make others move forward. Achcha. 

    Selected elevated avyakt versions 

    As well as becoming a conqueror of Maya, become a conqueror of nature. 

    You children are becoming conquerors of Maya, but you also have to become conquerors of nature because there will now be a lot of upheaval of nature. Sometimes, water of the oceans will show its influence and sometimes, the earth will show its influence. If you are conquerors of nature, no type of upheaval of nature will make you shake. You will constantly observe all games as a detached observer. To the extent that you remain in your angelic form, that is, in your elevated stage, accordingly you will automatically remain beyond all upheavals. Before becoming a conqueror of nature, become a conqueror of your physical senses. Only then will you become a conqueror of nature and remain stable in your karmateet stage and claim the right to world sovereignty. So, ask yourself: Do all your physical senses say “Ji Hazoor, Ji hajir?” (Yes, my lord, I am present in front of you.) Your advisors and ministers don’t deceive you, do they? 

    You children have such a great power of purity that with your pure thoughts, that is, your pure attitude, you can transform nature. The practical proof of the power of purity in your thoughts is the transformation of nature. So, with self-transformation, you are able to transform nature and people. The easy way to protect yourself from impure human souls, from the impure atmosphere and vibrations of impure elements is the Godly code of conduct. Stay within the code of conduct and you will be saved from labouring. You have to labour when you step out of the line of the code of conduct in your thoughts, words or deeds. 

    Remain constantly stable in your position of being an ancestor and order the five vices through your thoughts to bid you farewell for half the cycle. Tell nature to become satopradhan and give happiness to everyone, and she will do everything according to your orders. Nature cannot then deceive you. However, first of all, be one who has all rights over yourself. You mustn’t be dependent even on your own nature and sanskars. When you have all rights, then everything will work according to your orders. Nature, that is, the elements, still is being kept under control today with the power of science. So, can nature and situations not become servants in front of you children of God, the master creators, master almighty authorities? Since the atomic power of science can carry out such a big task, then what can the power of souls and the Supreme Soul not achieve? You can easily transform the form and virtue of nature and situations. In order to be victorious over all types of obstacles and the calamities of the impure nature in a second, simply have faith and intoxication of one thing “Wah, I!” I am an elevated Brahmin soul. Maintain this awareness and you will become an embodiment of power. 

    Whenever there is a test paper from nature, you fluctuate by asking questions such as, “Why did this happen? What is this?” To come into upheaval means to fail. No matter what happens, the sound that should emerge within is “Wah, sweet drama!” Let it not be that you have even the slightest thought of distress, “What happened?” Make yourself strong with knowledge of the drama. In order to become a conqueror of Maya and a conqueror of nature, imbibe the power to pack up. For this, see but don’t see, hear but don’t hear! Practise being corporeal one moment, subtle the next moment and incorporeal the next. Seeing the upheaval of nature, become a Lord of Nature and with your stage of applying a full stop, stop the upheaval of nature. Increase the practice of changing the tamoguni stage into a satoguni stage. 

    It is only at the confluence age that nature begins her part of being co-operative. She will welcome the Lord of Nature and the master lords of nature in every way. She will give thanks and offer herself in every way. This is why every element of nature is portrayed as a deity. A deity is a bestower, one who gives. So, at the end, the elements of nature will become bestowers who co-operate with you. No matter how much upheaval of nature there is everywhere nature will serve you masters of nature as your servants. You simply have to become conquerors of nature. Nature will then garland her masters with the garland of co-operation. There cannot be any damage wherever you Brahmins, you conquerors of nature, set foot or wherever you have your place. Everyone will then come running to you to take subtle and physical support. Your places will become asylums, and the words that will emerge from everyone’s lips will be “Dear God, Your game is wonderful! You are great! You are so great! All of you attained and we didn’t know! We lost everything!” This sound will come from all directions. Achcha. Om shanti. 


    May you become free from any karmic bondage by making the one Father your world and remain attracted by One. 

    Constantly stay in the experience of belonging to the one Father and none other. Simply, “One Baba is my world and let there be no other attraction, no karmic bondages”. Let there not be any bondages of your weak sanskars. Those who have some right of “mine” over anyone can have anger or arrogance and that too is a karmic bondage. However, when Baba is your world, when you have this awareness, then all “mine, mine” becomes merged in “My Baba” and you easily become free from karmic bondages. 


    A great soul is one who has an unlimited attitude and vision. 

    ****OM SHANTI***

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