BK Murli English 24 June 2019

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    BK Murli English 24 June 2019

    BK Murli English 24 June 2019
    BK Murli English 24 June 2019

    24/06/19 Sweet elevated versions of Mateshwari to be read in morning class.21/06/64 

    Sweet elevated versions of Mateshwari to be read in morning class. 


    This is my little world1… 

    Om shanti. 

    The knowledge- full, unlimited Father speaks to souls. The original stage that souls had has now become something else. It cannot be said that souls are always in the same stage . Although souls are eternal, they change their stages. As time goes by, their stages change. In fact, souls are eternal and imperishable but souls receive the fruit, according to the actions they perform. So, it is the soul that is responsible and does everything. So, the Father is also now talking to souls. It is in everyone’s intellect that the Father of souls is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. 

    Since we say, “Father” then we are surely His children. It isn’t that He is the Father and that we are also fathers. If it is said that souls are the Supreme Soul, it would then be said that souls are Supreme Fathers. However, in the relationship of Father and son, He is said to be the Father. If all of us are fathers, then who would call us father? Definitely, there are the two: Father and son. The relationship of Father is there when there is the son and it is when there is the son that there is the Father. So, he is said to be the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Now, that Father sits here and explains to us: There is a difference in the stage that you have now and the stage that you had before. I have now come to finish that difference. The Father gives us understanding and explains that we now have to catch hold of the original stage that we had. He gives us knowledge and the power to grasp it. He says: Remember Me and you will receive power to perform elevated actions. Otherwise, your actions will not be elevated. Some say that they want to perform good actions, but they don’t know what happens, for their mind cannot focus on anything good. It goes in other directions because the soul does not have the power to perform good actions. Because our stage is tamopradhan, there is a greater influence of the tamo stage that suppresses us. This is why intellects quickly go in that direction or there are obstructions, which stop intellects from going in the right direction. So, the Father says: Now have yoga with Me and, on the basis of the understanding that I give you, continue to clear the burden of sins and bondages that come in front of you as obstructions on the path. Then, if you continue to perform elevated actions you will continue to receive the power to become satopradhan. On the basis of this, you will once again attain that stage which was originally yours. 

    Souls will then receive bodies accordingly and the world will become like that too. So, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is now creating such a world and that is why He is called the World Creator. However, it is not that the world doesn’t exist at all and that He sits and creates it, but He creates that type of world in this way. No one else can be called the One who creates the world. Christ came, Buddha came and they established their new religions, however, to change the world or to create a world is the work of the One who is the World Creator, the World Almighty Authority. So, you also have to understand that His duty is different from those of all souls. However, He, too, like other souls, comes and carries out His duty and performs His acts in this human world. Otherwise, each soul has his own acts. It cannot be said that all of these are the acts of God. Each soul has his own karmic accounts which continue. Whoever does something receives the reward of that and, in that, there are some good souls such as Christ, Buddha, souls of Islam, Gandhi – all the good ones who came, came and played their parts and then departed. In this way, you souls also have parts of many births. You shed one body and take another. However many births each one has, the soul plays the account of that part. A whole record is recorded in each soul and he plays that. This is the place where it is played. This is why it is called a play and also a drama . God also has to act in it once and this is why the praise of His act is most elevated. However, what is He elevated in? He comes and changes our world. 

    This is the field of action where each human soul plays his own part. God too has a part in it, but He doesn’t enter into birth and death like souls do. He doesn’t have a wrong account of actions like souls do. He says: I simply come to liberate you souls and this is why I am called the Liberator, the Bestower of Liberation and Salvation who liberates you from bondage. He removes the bondage of Maya that is on souls and makes souls pure and says: My duty is to liberate souls from all their bondages and take them back, and so the eternal systems and laws of the world have to be understood. How does the population of the human world increase? Then, there is also the time when it decreases. It isn’t that when it increases, it just continues to increase; no. It also decreases. Everything in the world has a discipline. Our bodies too follow certain disciplines: first the body is that of a young child, then adolescent, then youthful and then old. It doesn’t become old quickly. As it gradually grows old, it becomes decayed. So, there is a system for everything to grow and then for it to finish. In this way, there is also a system for the generations of the world. There are the stages of life and there are also the stages of births, then there are also the stages of the generations. Similarly, there are also the stages of all the religions. The first religion is the one with the maximum strength, and then the strength of all the others that come gradually decreases. For the religions to be divided, for them to continue, all of this happens according to the system, and so these things have to be understood. 

    According to this, the Father also says: I too have a part in this. I too am a soul. I, God, am not anything else. I too am a soul, but My task is very great and elevated and this is why I am called God. Just as each of you is a soul, I am the same. Just as you are a human being and your child is also a human being and there is no difference between you in that respect, similarly, I too am a soul. There is no difference between souls, but there is a huge difference in their tasks and this is why it is said that My task is different from those of everyone else. I am not the one who establishes any limited religion. I am the Creator of the world, whereas all the others are creators of religions. Just as they carry out their duties at their own time, in the same way, I also come at My own time. My task is unlimited; My task is great and different from those of everyone else. This is why it is said: Your work is unique. He is also called the Almighty Authority. The most powerful task is to liberate souls from the bondages of Maya and to plant the sapling of the new world. This is why in English, He is called, “Heavenly God, the Father”. Christ is said to be the Father of Christianity, He cannot be called “ Heavenly God, the Father. God is the One who establishes heaven. So, heaven is a world, heaven is not a religion. So, He is the One who establishes the world and there is one religion, one kingdom in that world. All the elements will have changed and this is why the Father is called Heavenly God, the Father. 

    Secondly, it is said: God is Truth. So, what is the truth? In what is there the truth? This, too is something to be understood. Some think that those who speak the truth are said to be God. God is not anything else, but one just has to speak the truth. However, “God is Truth” means that God came and told us the truth about everything. “God is Truth” means that God, Himself, tells us the truth, that He has that truth and this is why He is said to be knowledge-full, the Ocean of Knowledge, the Ocean of Bliss; God knows. So, it must surely be something worth knowing, must it not? So, what is it that He knows? It isn’t that when someone steals something, God knows. Although He knows everything, His praise is based on the fact that He knows how our world fell and how it can become elevated, and everything about this cycle. This is why it is said: God knows. So, God’s praise is different from that of human beings because His knowing is different from that of everyone else. The knowing of human beings is limited. It is said that human beings are limited whereas for God it is said that God is all-knowing or, in English, He is said to be knowledge-full, that is, He is the knower of everything, that is, He knows everything. So, only the One who is all-knowing can know the truth. Only the One who has the accurate knowledge of everything will give that to everyone. If He, Himself, knows but does not give that knowledge to anyone else, then, what is the benefit of that to us? Let Him know; but no! We have benefited from His knowing and this is why we sing praise of His qualifications; we chase after Him. When something happens, we say: O God, You now have to do this! Have mercy! Be kind! Remove our sorrow! Therefore, we ask Him for something. We have a relationship with Him, do we not? This is why we remember Him in that way, as though He has done us a favour. If He had never done anything for us, why would we beat our heads for Him? When someone helps at a time of difficulty, you feel in your heart: this one helped me a lot at the right time and protected me at the right time. So you feel love for that one in your heart. So, there is also such love for God, because He helped you at the right time. However, it is not that, when something good happens for someone, you can then say that God did it. This is what God does, that is all. However, His work is great. It is the work of the world, it is a matter of the world, but it isn’t that when someone receives money, God did it. We too perform good actions and so we receive the fruit of those actions. There is the account of good and bad actions and we continue to receive the fruit of those. However, the fruit of the actions that God came and taught us about is different. Temporary happiness can be experienced on the basis of our intellects, but we also experience permanent happiness from the knowledge we receive from Him. So, God’s work is different. This is why it is said: I come Myself and teach you the accurate knowledge of karma and this is referred to as karma yoga being elevated. There is no question of renouncing actions or the home and family. I simply give you the knowledge of how you can purify your actions. So, you have to make your actions pure; you do not have to renounce them. Actions are something eternal. This field of action is also eternal. Where there are human beings, there are also actions, but I come and teach you how you can make those actions elevated and, through this, the account of your actions remains neutral. Neutral action means that you do not accumulate anything bad in your account. Achcha. 

    To the sweetest children of BapDada and Ma, to the very good ones who remain cautious, love, remembrance and good morning. Achcha. 


    May you have the eternal fortune of happiness from having constant zeal and enthusiasm, and from singing songs of happiness in your mind. 

    You children who have the fortune of happiness receive imperishable success by using eternal methods. “Wah, wah!” songs of happiness constantly emerge in your minds. Wah Baba! Wah fortune! Wah sweet family! Wah the beautiful time of the elevated confluence age! Each action is “Wah, wah!” and so you have the eternal fortune of happiness. The question “Why me?” can never enter your minds. Instead of “Why?” you say “Wah, wah!” and instead of “I”, you say “Baba, Baba!” 


    Put the imperishable Government stamp on whatever thoughts you have and you will stay strong. 

    ***OM SHANTI***

    BK Murli English 24 June 2019

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