BK Murli English 23 June 2019

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    BK Murli English 23 June 2019

    BK Murli English 23 June 2019
    BK Murli English 23 June 2019

    23/06/19 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 17/12/84 

    The way to end waste is the gyan murli, the treasure of powerful thoughts. 

    Today, BapDada has come into the unique, confluence-aged, spiritual gathering to celebrate a meeting. It is only at this time in the whole cycle that you can have this spiritual gathering, this spiritual meeting. Even in the golden-aged world, no elevated meeting of souls with the Supreme Soul ever takes place. That is why this age is called the great age, the age of the great meeting, the age of all attainments, the age of the impossible becoming possible, the age of easily having elevated experiences, the age of special transformation, the age of world benefit and the age of easily receiving blessings. In such an age, you souls are the players with great parts. Do you always have such great intoxication? The whole world is thirsty to have a glimpse of the Father for even a second and you are the elevated souls who have a right to belong to that Father in one second. Do you have this awareness? This awareness automatically makes you powerful. Have you become such powerful souls? “Powerful” means those who have ended waste. If there is waste, there cannot be anything powerful. If there are waste thoughts in your mind, powerful thoughts cannot stay there. Waste repeatedly brings you down. Powerful thoughts enable you to experience meeting the Almighty Father and also make you conquerors of Maya. They also make you servers into embodiments of success. Waste thoughts finish your zeal and enthusiasm. Such ones always remain confused about “Why?” and “What?” This is why they remain disheartened with themselves over trivial matters. Waste thoughts deprive them of constantly experiencing the treasures of all attainments. The needs and desires in the mind of those who have waste thoughts are very high. "I will do this. I will do that." They very quickly make such plans, that is, they make such plans very fast because the speed of waste thoughts is fast. Therefore, they think of very elevated things but they are not powerful, there is a great difference between the plans and the practical. 

    Therefore, they become disheartened. Those who have powerful thoughts would always do everything according to their thoughts; their thinking and their doing would be the same. Their thoughts will be of a slow speed and they will be successful in their deeds. Waste thoughts create an upheaval like a powerful storm. Powerful thoughts, like spring weather, make you constantly fresh and successful. Waste thoughts become instrumental in making you waste your energy, that is, your soul power and time. Powerful thoughts constantly enable you to accumulate soul power, that is, energy. They make your time fruitful. Although waste thoughts are your creation, the creation of waste causes distress for the soul, the creator, that is, they make master almighty authority, powerful soul lose his honour. With powerful thoughts, you constantly remain an embodiment of remembrance of your elevated honour. You understand this difference and yet some children even now complain about waste thoughts. Why are there waste thoughts even now? What is the reason for this? The treasure of powerful thoughts that BapDada has given you is the gyan murli. Each and every elevated version of the murli is a powerful treasure. Because of not giving sufficient value to this treasure of powerful thoughts, you are unable to imbibe powerful thoughts, and waste thoughts thereby take a chance. When you continue to churn each elevated version at every moment, waste cannot enter a powerful intellect. When your intellect remains empty, then, because that place is empty, waste enters. When there is no margin, how could waste enter? Not to know the method of keeping the intellect busy with powerful thoughts means to invoke waste thoughts. 

    Become the businessmen who keep it (the intellect) busy. Day and night, become the businessmen of these jewels of knowledge. When you don't have time, there will be no margin for waste thoughts. Therefore, the main thing is: constantly keep your intellect filled with powerful thoughts. The basis of this is to listen to the murli every day, to merge it into yourself and to become an embodiment of it. There are those three stages. You enjoy listening to it a lot; you cannot stay without listening to it. This too is a stage. Those who are in this stage want to listen while they are listening and, because of having that interest to listen, they enjoy the pleasure of that sweetness for that time. They are intoxicated while listening to it. They also sing songs of happiness, "Very good." “Very good”. However, as soon the listening ends, that interest ends because they haven't merged it into themselves. They haven't filled their intellects with powerful thoughts by using the power to merge it within and so waste continues to come to them. Those who merge it into themselves remain constantly full and this is why they stay away from waste thoughts. However, they are not those who become embodiments, not those who become powerful themselves and also make others powerful. So that weakness remains. They are saved from having waste thoughts and they continue to have pure thoughts, but they are unable to become embodiments of power. Those who become embodiments are constantly full, constantly powerful and with their powerful rays they also end the waste of others. Therefore, ask yourself: Who am I? One of those who listen, those who merge it into themselves or those who become embodiments? A powerful soul transforms waste into powerful in a second. So, you are powerful souls, are you not? Therefore, transform the waste. If, even now, you continue to waste your power and time in waste, then, when will you become powerful? Only those who are powerful for a long time can rule the perfect kingdom for a long time. Do you understand? 

    It is now the time to make others powerful with your powerful form. Finish any waste in yourself. You have this courage, do you not? Just as Maharashtra is, so you are also great (mahan), are you not? You are those who have great thoughts, are you not? You are not those with weak thoughts. You have a thought and it happens. This is known as having great thoughts. You are such great souls, are you not? What do those from Punjab think? Those from Punjab are brave and courageous, are they not? Those who have the power of Maya challenge the Government whereas those with God's power challenge Maya. You are those who challenge Maya, are you not? You are not those who are afraid, are you? Just as they say that it should be their kingdom, so you challenge Maya and you also roar that your kingdom is going to come. You are such brave and courageous ones, are you not? Those from Punjab are also brave and courageous. Those from Maharashtra are great and the speciality of those from Karnataka is that they have great faith and devotion (bhavna). Because of that, they easily receive the fruit of their bhavna. Those from Karnataka are the ones who eat the great fruit of bhavna. This is why you constantly dance in happiness. So, you are the fortunate souls who eat the fruit of happiness. Maharashtra are those who have great thoughts and Punjab are those who issue the great challenge and have a right to the great kingdom, and Karnataka are those who eat the great fruit. All three of you are great, are you not? 

    Maharashtra means great in everything. Every thought is great, your form is great, your deeds are great and your service is great. You are great in everything. So, today, the three rivers who are great have met. You great rivers have met, have you not? It is a meeting of the great rivers with the great Ocean. This is why you have come to the gathering of the meeting. You have to celebrate this gathering today, do you not? Achcha. To those who are constantly powerful, to those who become embodiments of every elevated version, to those who are powerful over a long time and who make other souls powerful, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste filled with all powers. 

    BapDada meeting Dadis

    The great mandli (group) is sitting here. In the beginning there was Om Mandli and at the end it became the Mahamandli (great group). This is the mandli of all great souls, is it not? Those people call themselves Mahamandleshwar and you call yourselves the maha sevadharis (great servers). You don't call yourselves Mahamandleshwar or Mahamandleshwari, but the maha sevadharis. So this is the great mandli of great servers. A great server means one who is a natural instrument for service through every thought. Service continues to take place through every thought. Those who are natural yogis are natural servers. Simply check: Is service taking place automatically? You would then experience not having a thought or letting a second go by without doing service. Whilst walking, moving around and performing every task, service is merged in your every breath at every second. This is called being a natural server. You are like that, are you not? The stage of doing service according to special programmes has now ended. You have become instruments for doing service naturally. You have given that chance to others. They create the programmes and make them practical, but the service of all of you is to be natural servers, not those who just serve while a programme is going on, for there is always a programme. You are constantly on the stage of service. You are such a group, are you not? Just as a body cannot continue to function without breathing, in the same way, your souls cannot exist without serving. Breathing continues automatically, does it not? In the same way, service also continues automatically. Service is breath for souls. It is like that, is it not? Can you calculate how many hours you served? Your religion (dharma) and action (karma) is service. Your walking is service, your speaking is service, whatever you do is service and so you are natural servers, constant servers. Service is merged in whatever thoughts you have. Service is merged in every word you speak because waste has now ended. So, powerful means service. Such ones are called great souls of the great mandli. Achcha. 

    All your companions are also in front of BapDada. Those from Om Mandli, all those from the Mahamandli, the servers from the beginning, are constant servers. All the great souls from the Mahamandli are in front of BapDada. Those who take the initiative to take the responsibility are the ones from the great Mandli, are they not? You have taken the responsibility, have you not? Without thinking about anything, without having any other thoughts, you had a determined thought and you became instruments. This is known as great souls. You became instruments for the great task. You have at least become examples. Without having seen an example, you became an example for the world. An instant donation is the greatest charity. You are such great souls. Achcha. 

    BapDada meeting groups 

    Maharashtra and Punjab group: All of you are fearless, are you not? Why? Because you are constantly free from having grudges against anyone. You have no animosity towards anyone. You have good wishes and pure feelings of brotherhood for all souls. Souls who have such good wishes and pure feelings always remain fearless. They are not those who become afraid of anything. If you yourself are always stable in a yogyukt stage, you will definitely remain safe in any adverse situation. So, you are those who always remain safe, are you not? Those who remain under the canopy of the Father's protection are always safe. If you come out from under the canopy, you become afraid. Under the canopy, you are fearless. No matter how much someone does something, remembrance of the Father is a fortress. No one can enter a fortress. In the same way, whilst in the fortress of remembrance, you remain safe: unshakeable even in upheaval, not those who are afraid. Whatever you saw was nothing. That was just a rehearsal. The real thing is something else. Rehearsals are performed to make something firm. So, have you become firm and courageous? You have love for the Father, and so, no matter what the circumstances were, you arrived here. You have become conquerors of problems. Love gives you the power to become free from obstacles. Simply remember the great mantra, "My Baba!" If you forget this, you become defeated. If you always remember this, you are always safe. 

    Do you constantly experience yourselves to be unshakeable and immovable souls? No type of upheaval can create obstacles in your unshakeable and immovable stage. You have become souls who are free from obstacles; unshakeable and immovable. Souls who are destroyers of obstacles overcome obstacles as though they are not obstacles, but just a game. You always enjoy playing a game. There would be a difference between overcoming a situation and a game, would there not? If you are souls who are destroyers of obstacles, situations would be experienced as a game. A mountain would be experienced as a mustard seed. You are such destroyers of obstacles, not those who become afraid. Knowledge-full souls know in advance about everything that is going to come, everything that is going to happen. When you know in advance, nothing seems a big deal. When something happens suddenly, even small things seem big. When you know in advance, then, even big things seem small. All of you are knowledge-full, are you not? You are knowledge-full. However, when it is the time for adverse situations, you shouldn't forget the stage of being knowledge-full. You are simply repeating what you have done innumerable times. When nothing is new, everything is easy. All of you are fully baked bricks of the fortress. Each brick is very important. If even one brick shakes, it shakes the whole wall. You bricks are unshakeable. No matter how much someone tries to shake you, those who try to shake you will shake, but you must not shake. Everyday BapDada congratulates the unshakeable souls and souls who are destroyers of obstacles. Only such children have a right to congratulations from the Father. BapDada and the whole family are pleased to see such unshakeable and immovable souls. Achcha. 


    May you be an avyakt angel who switches on a powerful stage and finishes the darkness of waste. 

    When you switch on a physical light, darkness is dispelled. In the same way, a powerful stage is a switch. Put this switch on and the darkness of waste will be dispelled. You will then be liberated from having to finish each individual, wasteful thought. When your stage is powerful, you will become a great donor and a bestower of blessings because to be a bestower means to be one who is powerful. Only those who are powerful are able to give and where there is power, all waste finishes. So, this is the elevated duty of avyakt angels. 


    Fortunate souls are those who receive blessings from the hearts of all souls on the basis of truth. 

    ***OM SHANTI***

    BK Murli English 23 June 2019

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