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    Looking for BK Murli in English for the date 16 June 2019? Here is a complete sweet murli. Credits: Shiv Baba Spiritual University Madhuban

    BK Murli English 16 June 2019
    BK Murli English 16 June 2019

    16/06/19 Madhuaban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 12/12/84

    The duty of special souls 

    Today, the Father, the Comforter of Hearts, has come to meet His happy-hearted children. Throughout the whole world, it is only you children who are constantly happy-hearted. All the rest, at some time or other, experience sorrow and pain in their hearts over one thing or another. You children of the Father who removes pain from your hearts, the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness, are embodiments of happiness. From everyone else’s heart emerges the sound of distress of the pain in their hearts, whereas from the hearts of all of you children who are happy-hearted, the sound “Wah, Wah!” emerges. Just as a physical body has many different types of pain, in the same way, human souls today also have many different types of pain in their hearts. Sometimes, there is the pain of the suffering of karma through the body. Sometimes, there is the pain of experiencing sorrow in relationships and connections. Sometimes, when they receive a lot of wealth or when their wealth has decreased, there is the pain of worrying over either situation. Sometimes, there is the pain of the sorrow received through natural calamities. In this way, from one type of pain, many other types of pain are born. The whole world has become one that is calling out in pain and sorrow. At such a time, what is the duty of you children, you bestowers of happiness, embodiments of happiness? To free everyone from the debts of pain and sorrow of birth after birth. Those old debts have become diseases of pain and sorrow. At such a time, it is the duty of all of you to become bestowers and, whatever disease of any debt a soul has, to fill that soul with the attainment that is lacking. A soul with pain and sorrow caused by the suffering of the body as a result of his actions can end that suffering by becoming a karma yogi and doing karma yoga. In the same way, you must give them the great donation of the attainment of power for them to become karma yogis. Give this to them as a blessing because they are in debt, that is, they are powerless and empty. 

    Give a share of the power of your karma yoga to such souls. Credit their accounts with something or other from your account, for only then will they be able to be freed from the disease of debt. For such a long time, you have been the Father’s direct heirs and have accumulated an inheritance of all powers. Therefore, now, donate from your savings account with a generous heart, for only then will you be able to end the suffering of the pain in their hearts. As the final moments come closer, so the power of devotion of all souls is coming to an end. At least the rajoguni souls in the copper age still had the powers of donation, charity and devotion that they had accumulated in their accounts. This is why they had one means of peace or other for the livelihood of their souls. However, tamoguni souls have now become empty of even any means of temporary happiness for the livelihood of the soul. That is, they have become empty after eating the fruit of devotion. Devotion is now just in name. Devotion is not such that it gives you any fruit. The tree of devotion is now fully grown. The tree definitely has the beauty of the variety of colours but, because it is powerless, fruit is not received. Just as, when a physical tree has fully grown and reached the stage of total decay, it cannot be fruitful but just becomes one that gives shade, in the same way, the tree of devotion is definitely giving the shade of keeping their hearts happy. “We’ve adopted gurus and we will receive liberation. We’ve been on pilgrimages, made donations and performed charity, and so we will have some attainment”. All that now remains to make their hearts happy is the shade of this temptation. “If not now, we will receive it at some point.” The poor innocent devotees are resting in this shade, but they don’t have any fruit. This is why everyone’s account for the livelihood of the soul is empty. At such a time, the duty of you overflowing souls is to give such souls a share of courage from your accumulated account and encourage them. Have you accumulated or did you just earn enough for yourself and use it up? If you just earn enough for yourself and use it up, that is not called being a Raja Yogi. That is not called being one with the right to self-sovereignty. A king’s treasure-store remains constantly completely full. The king is responsible for sustaining his people. 

    One with the right to self-sovereignty. means one who is completely full with all treasures. If you are not completely full with treasures, then you are a praja yogi (subject yogi), not a Raja Yogi. A subject just earns and uses it up. Wealthy subjects keep a little from what they have accumulated, but kings are the masters of the treasures. Therefore, a Raja Yogi means a soul who has a right to self-sovereignty, one whose account of accumulation of any treasure cannot become empty. So, check yourself: Are your treasures completely full? Children of the Bestower, do you each feel that you want to give to everyone or are you just lost in your own self? Is your time spent in just sustaining yourself? Or, are you completely full with your time and your treasures for the sustenance of others? Those who take the sanskars of spiritual sustenance from here at the confluence age can become the future world kings who sustain the subjects. The stamp of being a king or a subject is applied here and the status is received there. If the stamp is not applied here, there is no status there. The confluence age is the stamp office. The stamp is received from the Father and the Brahmin family. Therefore, examine yourself very carefully. Check your stock. Let it not be that you lack one thing at that time and are cheated of becoming full. When you accumulate physical stock and, having gathered all the groceries, a tiny box of matches is left out, what would you do with the grain? Although you have innumerable attainments, your lack of attaining one thing can cheat you of something. In the same way if one thing is missing you will be cheated of the right to receive the stamp of completion. Don’t think: I have the power of remembrance and so if a virtue is missing, it doesn’t matter. The power of remembrance is great and it is fine for it is number one. However, instead of your passing fully, if you are missing even one virtue you will fail. Don’t consider this to be a small thing. The importance of the relationship of each virtue is a deep account. Baba will tell you about that some other time. 

    Today, Baba especially reminded you of what the duty of special souls is. Do you understand? At this time, those from the capital Delhi have come here and so Baba told you about things suitable for those who have a right to the kingdom. You won’t receive a palace in the kingdom just like that! You do have to give sustenance and create subjects. Those from Delhi must be making preparations with great force. You want to stay in the capital of the kingdom. You don’t want to go far away, do you? 

    Even now those from Gujarat are together. You are together in Madhuban at the confluence age and so you will also be together in the kingdom, will you not? You have had the determined thought to stay together, have you not? The third group is Indore. In-doors means those who stay at home. So those of you from the Indore zone will remain in the home of the kingdom, will you not? Even now, you are those who live in the home of the Father’s heart. So all three of you have something in common in terms of closeness. Constantly continue to make the line of your fortune clear in this way and continue to extend it. Achcha. 

    To those who always fulfil their duty of being completely full, to those who remove everyone’s pain with their elevated bestower sanskars, to those who always have a right to self-sovereignty and give spiritual sustenance, to those who make the treasure-stores of all treasures completely full, to the master bestowers and bestowers of blessings, to such elevated Raja Yogi souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste. 

    Avyakt BapDada meeting groups: 

    1)Does each one of you constantly experience yourself to be a soul stable on the seat of a detached observer? The stage of a detached observer is the most elevated and best seat. Doing and seeing everything whilst seated on this seat is a great pleasure. When a seat is good, you enjoy sitting on it. If a seat isn’t good, you don’t enjoy sitting on it. This seat of a detached observer is the most elevated seat. Do you always remain on this seat? In the world, they run around chasing after a seat. You have received such a good seat. No one can move you from this seat. Those people are afraid that, although they have a seat today, they won’t have it tomorrow. You have an imperishable seat and so you can sit on it without any fear. So do you constantly remain on the seat of a detached observer? Those who get upset cannot be set. Constantly stay set on this seat. This is such a comfortable seat that you can see and experience whatever you want by sitting on it. 

    2) Do you consider yourselves to be special souls who are a handful out of multi-millions in the whole world, and the lucky few out of that handful? The praise that only a handful out of multi-millions belong to the Father applies to you. Do you constantly have this happiness? Many souls of the world are making effort to find the Father whereas you have found Him. To belong to the Father means to attain Him. The world is searching for Him and you now belong to Him. There is a huge difference between the attainment of the path of devotion and that of the path of knowledge. Knowledge is a study. Devotion is not a study; it is spiritual, temporary entertainment, whereas knowledge is the means for permanent attainment. Therefore, always stay in this awareness and make others powerful. The things you never even imagined, you have attained in a practical way. The Father took His children from every corner and made them belong to Him. Therefore, stay in this happiness. 

    3) Do all of you experience yourselves to be belonging to the one Father and follow the directions of One? Do you remain stable in this stage constantly? When you have just the one Father, when you don’t have anyone else, your stage easily becomes constant. Do you experience this? When you don’t have anyone else, where would your intellect go? There is no margin for it to go anywhere else. There is just the One. Where there are two or four things, there is some margin for you to think about. When there is just the one path, where will you go? So, here, the easy way to show the path is to belong to the one Father, to have one direction, a constant stage and the one family. Therefore, constantly remember the One and you will become number one. All you have to do is know the account of One. No matter where you stay, when you have the remembrance of the One, you are always with Him, not far away. When you have the Father’s company, you cannot have the company of Maya. It is when you move away from the Father that Maya comes. She doesn’t come just like that. Don’t move away and then Maya won’t come! There is importance in just the One. 

    BapDada meeting half kumars: 

    Whilst living at home with your families, do you always have an alokik attitude? Does each of you experience yourself to be beyond the life of a householder and always living as a trustee? A trustee means to be constantly happy whereas a householder means to be constantly unhappy. Who are you? Always happy. You have now left the world of sorrow. You have come away from that. You are now in the confluence-aged world of happiness. You are those with alokik households, not lokik households. Let there also be an alokik attitude and alokik vision between yourselves. 

    The sign of being a trustee is to be constantly detached and loving to the Father. If you are not loving and detached, you are not a trustee. A householder life means to have a life of bondage. A trustee life means to be free from bondage. By becoming a trustee, all your bondages easily end. When you are free from bondage, you are constantly happy. Waves of sorrow cannot come to such souls. If you have the thought, “This is my home, my family, my work”, that awareness then invites Maya. Therefore, change “mine” into “Yours”. When you say “Yours”, sorrow ends. To say “mine” means to become confused. To say “Yours” means to stay in pleasure. If you don’t stay in pleasure now, then when would you stay in pleasure? The confluence age is the age of pleasure. Therefore, always stay in pleasure. Let there be no waste even in your dreams or thoughts. You have been wasting everything for half the cycle. The time for wasting is now over. It is now the time to earn an income. To the extent that you are powerful, you will accordingly be able to accumulate. Accumulate so much that you will be able to eat comfortably from that for 21 births. Have so much stock that you also become able to give to others, because you are children of the Bestower. To the extent that you have accumulated, accordingly you will definitely have that much happiness. 

    Always stay lost in the love of belonging to the one Father and none other. Where there is love, no obstacles can remain. When it is the day, it isn’t the night and when it is the night, it isn’t the day. So, it is the same with love and obstacles. Love is so powerful that it burns away obstacles. You are souls who have such love that you are free from obstacles. No matter how big an obstacle may be, even if Maya comes as an obstacle, those who have love overcome that obstacle as easily as pulling a hair out of butter. Love enables you to experience all attainments. Where the Father is, there is definitely attainment. The Father’s treasures are the children’s treasures. 

    BapDada meeting mothers: 

    You are the Shakti Army, are you not? You mothers have become world mothers. You are no longer limited mothers. Always consider yourselves to be world mothers. You are not those who are trapped in limited households. You are those who stay constantly happy doing unlimited service. The Father has given you such an elevated status. He has changed you from being maids to being the crown on His head. Wah, my elevated fortune! That’s all! Simply continue to sing this song. This is the only work that the Father has given you mothers, because you mothers have become tired from wandering around so much. Seeing the tiredness of the mothers, the Father has come to free you from that tiredness. He finished the tiredness of 63 births in one birth. He finished it in a second. You belonged to the Father and your tiredness ended. Mothers like to swing and make others swing. So the Father has given you mothers the swings of happiness and supersensuous joy. Continue to swing in those swings. You have become constantly happy and fortunate by having the Husband (you are not widows). You have become the immortal children of the immortal Father. BapDada is also pleased to see the children. Achcha. 


    May you become wealthy and constantly experience contentment with the feeling of being full. 

    The wealth of self-sovereignty is knowledge, virtues and powers. Those who are have a right to self-sovereignty with all of these types of wealth are always content. They have no name or trace of any lack of any attainment. To be ignorant of any limited desires is known as being wealthy. They would always be bestowers, never beggars. They have a right to constant, unbroken, happy and peaceful self-sovereignty. No type of adverse situation can break their unbreakable peace. 


    Those who see the three aspects of time and the three worlds with the eye of knowledge are master knowledge-full. 

    ***OM SHANTI***

    BK Murli English 16 June 2019

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