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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 26 May 2019

    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 26 May 2019

    26 May 2019 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 03/12/84

    Become those who imbibe the elevated teachings of the most powerful Teacher. 

    Today, the Almighty Authority Father is looking at His Shakti Army everywhere. He is looking to see which ones are mahavirs and are constantly holding the weapons of all powers, the special victorious souls. He sees which ones do not constantly hold the weapons, but do so at the time of need, according to the time and which ones are trying to become those who have the weapons at the time of need. This is why they are sometimes able to attack and are sometimes defeated. They continue to move along in the spinning of sometimes attacking and sometimes being defeated. Baba saw three types of children in the army who claim a right. However, the elevated victorious souls are constantly ever ready ahead of time; for those who hold onto a weapon at the time of need, time becomes their teacher. Those who move along on the basis of time being their teacher and not of becoming ever ready through the teachings of the Almighty Authority Teacher, are sometimes deceived at a crucial time. After being deceived, they return into their right consciousness. Therefore, you must become those who imbibe the elevated teachings of the Almighty Authority Teacher. Do not become those who imbibe the teachings of time, a teacher.

    Some children have a heart-to-heart conversation with BapDada or they have heart-to-heart conversation amongst themselves. In an ordinary way, they continue to say: When the time comes, everything will work out fine. We will show it when the time comes or we will do it when the time comes. However, you world-transformer children have been given the task of invoking the perfect, elevated time. You are instruments to bring the time of the golden morning. You are the master creators of time, the creation. You are the transformers of time, that is, the age. You are victorious over double-kaal (kaal – time, death). One "kaal" is time and the second “kaal” is that you are not influenced by death. You are victorious. You are those who have received the blessing: May you be immortal. This is why you are not those who do everything according to the time, but those who follow the Father’s orders. Time becomes the teacher of even those souls who don't have knowledge. Your Teacher is the Almighty Father. Preparations are made ahead of time, not at the time of need. You belong to the ever-ready army that has the weapons of all powers. Therefore, constantly check: Have I imbibed the weapons of all the powers? If any power, that is, any weapon, is missing, Maya will attack you using that weakness. Therefore, do not be careless in this. Everything else is fine, there is just a little weakness in this one thing. However, this one weakness becomes the way for Maya to attack. Just as the Father has promised that when the children remember the Father He is always with them, in the same way, Maya has also challenged: I am present where there is weakness. This is why even the slightest trace of weakness will invoke the progeny of Maya. You are the children of the Almighty Authority and so you have to become full in all respects. How do you describe the right of the inheritance that the Father gives you, or the reward of the Godly study or the degree that you receive from the Teacher? Do you say "Full of all virtues" or do you say "Full of virtues"? You say: Fully viceless, 16 celestial degrees full. You don't say: 14 degrees. You speak of the inheritance of 100% complete happiness and peace. So you will have to become like that, will you not? Or, do you think that one or half a weakness will be allowed? The account is deep. He is the Innocent Lord, but He is also the Knower of the philosophy of karma. He gives multifold for one grain and He accounts for every grain. If one or half a weakness remains, then, in terms of attainment too, you will have to come half a birth or one birth later. You will then not be able to come together with Shri Krishna, or be in the royal family or a close relationship with the first World Emperor and Empress, Lakshmi and Narayan. Just as the era will begin with 1-1-1, in the same way, only the number one souls will be able to attain the happiness of new relationships, new matter, number one new souls – new means new souls who have come down from up above – the new kingdom, the happiness of the time of newness, and the happiness of the number one satopradhan elements of nature. Number one means those who win over Maya. Then the account will be accurate. The promise you have made to the Father in order to attain the blessing and inheritance is that you will live with Him, go back with Him and come back into the kingdom with Father Brahma. You haven't promised that you will follow later. You have to become equal, you have to live with Him. Perfection and equality enable you to claim a right to the reward of constant company. Therefore, what would you attain if you waste your time for becoming full and equal by being careless and then becoming aware at the final moment?

    So, today, Baba was checking everyone's weapons of all powers. Baba gave the result: Baba saw three types of children. You might think that, as you progress further, a little of this mischief of carelessness will be allowed because the Father will help you at least that much. However, make sure that this mischief doesn't deceive you during those delicate times. Children should not complain of mischievously and say: Well, we didn't really think about it! Therefore, realise that delicate times are coming in front of you. Many different types of upheaval will continue to increase. These are the signs of the times to come. This is a signal in the drama for you to become full quickly. Do you understand?

    Nowadays, in Madhuban, there is the meeting of rivers from three places. There is the mela of Triveni River, is there not? BapDada is especially pleased to see the love of the children who have come with deep love from three places. You don't know the language of words, but you know the language of love. Those from Karnataka are those who know the language of love. What do those from Punjab know? Those from Punjab are clever at challenging. So the challenge of the divine land of kings (Rajasthan) is one that will bring cries of victory instead of cries of distress. What do those from Gujarat do? Those from Gujarat constantly swing in swings. You also swing in the swing of the fortune of being physically close at the confluence age. You swing in happiness that you are the closest of all. So Gujarat means those who swing in the different types of swing. This is a variety group. Everyone loves variety. In a bouquet, you love to see a variety of flowers of different colours, beauty and fragrance. Achcha.

    To all the powerful souls who have come from all directions and who remain constantly alert, to those who always have the weapons of all powers, to those who become perfect and full and give all souls the co-operation of powers, to those who bring the elevated time and the elevated age, to the most elevated children who become number one age transformers and claim a right to the number one fortune of the perfect kingdom, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

    BapDada meeting groups from Punjab:

    You are constantly moving forward at every step with the power of remembrance and earning an income of multimillions, are you not? Do you continue to check whether there are multi-millions being accumulated at every step? Steps in remembrance bring abundance. Steps without remembrance do not bring abundance; there is no income in them. So you are the children who earn an income by accumulating at every step, are you not? Children who earn an income are said to be those who bring an income. One are those who simply eat, drink and waste everything and others are those who accumulate an income. Which children are you? There, the children earn for themselves and also for their father. Here, the Father doesn't want anything. You earn for yourselves. Check that you are the children who constantly earn at every step and then accumulate, because times are becoming delicate. To the extent that you have accumulated your income, you will continue to experience the elevated reward very easily. In the future, you have the attainment anyway. So there will be attainment of this income now, at the confluence age, and also in the future. So, are all of you those who earn or those who earn and use it up?

    As is the Father so the children. Just as the Father is full and perfect, in the same way, children are also those who remain constantly full. All of you are courageous, are you not? You are not those who are afraid, are you? You weren't afraid, were you? Was there the slightest fear even in your thoughts, or not? This is nothing new. This has happened so many times. It has been repeated so many times. It is happening again now and so there is nothing to be afraid of. Shaktis too are fearless, are you not? You shaktis are always victorious, always fearless. As you stay under the Father’s canopy of protection, you remain fearless. There is fear when you consider yourself to be alone. There cannot be fear under the canopy of protection. Always fearless. “Victory of the Shaktis” is constantly remembered. All of you are the victorious lionesses, are you not? If there isn't victory for the Shiv Shaktis and the Pandavas, then whose victory would there be? Pandavas and Shaktis are victorious every cycle. The Father has love for you children. Nothing can happen to the children who are loved by the Father and to the children who remain in remembrance of the Father. If there is weakness in remembrance, you can be affected slightly. When you have the canopy of protection of remembrance, nothing can happen to you. BapDada saves you in one way or another. Since He is the Support of the devotee souls, He is constantly the Support for the children.

    You are those who constantly fly with wings of courage and zeal and enthusiasm, are you not? Wings of zeal and enthusiasm constantly make you fly and also enable you to show others the way to fly. Let these two wings always be with you. If even one wing is weak, you won't be able to fly high. This is why both of them are essential: courage and also zeal and enthusiasm. Courage is such that it makes the impossible possible and courage also makes something difficult easy. It enables you to fly high up from down below. So you are such experienced souls who constantly fly in this way, are you not? You have seen what you attained by coming down. You continued to come down, but it is now the time for the flying stage. It is not even the time for a high jump. You have a thought in a second and you fly. You will constantly continue to receive such power from the Father.

    Do you constantly consider yourselves to be master suns of knowledge? The task of the Sun of Knowledge is constantly to destroy the darkness of ignorance. With its light, the sun is able to change night into day, and so, in the same way, you master suns of knowledge are those who remove darkness from the world, those who show the path to wandering souls and who change night into day, are you not? Do you constantly remember this task of yours? You are not able to forget your worldly occupation even by trying to forget it, and that too is a perishable task of just one birth. That is a perishable occupation, whereas this occupation, of being master suns of knowledge, is yours for all time. Therefore, always consider it to be your imperishable occupation and duty to end darkness and bring light. By doing so, darkness will end in yourself and there will be light because those who give light become full of light themselves anyway. So always remember this task and check yourself daily: Am I, a being of light, a master sun of knowledge? Just as firemen are not affected by a fire, in the same way, those who always remove darkness cannot go into darkness themselves. Therefore, let there always be the intoxication and happiness: I am a master sun of knowledge.

    Avyakt BapDada meeting kumars:

    Kumar life is an elevated life. Constantly remain happy seeing your elevated fortune of belonging to the Father in your kumar life and also continue to tell others this method for staying happy. Those most free from bondage are kumars and kumaris. Kumars can make whatever fortune they want for themselves. You are kumars who have courage, are you not? You are not weak kumars. No matter how much others attract you towards themselves, mahavir souls are those who cannot be attracted towards anyone except the Father. You are so brave and courageous. Maya will try to make you belong to her through many different forms, but you are the ones whose intellects have faith and become victorious. You are not those who become afraid. It is good. Wah my elevated fortune! Always maintain this awareness. No one can be like me. Always have this intoxication. Where there is Godly intoxication, you will stay away from Maya. You always remain busy in service, do you not? This too is essential. The busier you stay in service, the more you will remain an easy yogi. However, there is safety when service is filled with remembrance. If there isn't remembrance, there isn't that safety.

    You are kumars who are constantly free from obstacles, are you not? Maya does not attract you, does she? Maya tries very hard to make kumars belong to her. Maya likes kumars. She feels they should belong to her. However, all of you are brave and courageous, are you not? You are not slaves of Maya, you are those who challenge Maya. You were Maya's slaves for half the cycle, and what did you receive? You lost everything! This is why you now belong to God. To belong to God means to claim a right to heaven. So, all kumars are victorious kumars. Just be careful that you don’t become weak. Maya has extra love for kumars and this is why she tries in every way to make you belong to her, but all of you have make a decision. Now that you belong to the Father, you have become free from worries. May you be constantly free from obstacles and may you be in the flying stage.

    Kumars are always powerful. Where there is power, there is attainment. You are always embodiments of all attainments. Because of being knowledge-full, you know the various forms of Maya. Therefore, continue to increase your fortune. Always make one thing firm: a kumar life is a life of freedom. Those who are liberated-in-life will have the attainments of the confluence age. Constantly continue to move forward and enable others to move forward. Kumars should always dance in happiness: Wah kumar life! Wah fortune! Wah, drama! Wah Baba! Just continue to sing this song. Stay happy and weakness cannot come. Continue to fill yourself with power by doing service and having remembrance. A kumar life is a life of lightness. To make your fortune in this life is the greatest fortune of all. You have become free from being tied with so many bondages. Constantly consider yourselves to be double light and continue to fly in the flying stage and you will claim a number ahead. Achcha.


    May you be a blessed soul who gives the donation of virtues with the cool water of mercy to souls who have anger in them.

    When someone, burning in the fire of anger, comes in front of you and insults and defames you, then, with your good wishes and pure feelings, with your attitude and stage, give that soul the donation of virtue and the blessing of the power of tolerance. Angry souls are under an external influence and so, with the cool water of mercy, make such souls peaceful. This is the duty of you blessed souls. It is because you are filled with such sanskars in the living form that devotees receive such blessings through your non-living images.


    Those who experience the treasure of all powers by having remembrance become filled with all powers.

    ***OM SHANTI***
    Brahma Kumaris Murli 26 May 2019

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