Brahma Kumaris Murli English 25 May 2019

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    Brahma Kumaris Murli English 25 May 2019

    25/05/19 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

    Sweet children, in order to lighten the sins of this birth, tell the Father the truth and finish off your sins of the previous births with the fire of yoga.


    What one concern should you have in order to become God’s helpers?


    You have to stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance and definitely become pure. You need to have the concern to become pure. This is the main subject. The children who become pure are the ones who can become the Father's helpers. What would the Father do alone? This is why you children have to make the world pure and create the pure kingdom with your own power of yoga by following shrimat. First make yourself pure.

    Om Shanti

    You children definitely understand that you come to Baba to become refreshed. When you go to the centres at your own places, you cannot think in this way. It is in the intellects of you children that Baba is in Madhuban. The Father's murli is spoken for you children. You children understand that you come to Madhuban to listen to the murli. They have associated the word ‘murli’ with Krishna. “Murli” doesn’t have the other meaning. You children have now understood very well. The Father has explained to you and you also feel that you truly had become very senseless. No one else understands himself to be like this. When you come here, your intellect have this faith: Truly, we had become very senseless. In the golden age, you were such sensible masters of the world. Fools can’t become the masters of the world. This Lakshmi and Narayan were the masters of the world. They were so sensible, which is why they are worshipped on the path of devotion. Non-living images cannot say anything. People worship Shiv Baba, but does He say anything? Shiv Baba only comes once and speaks. Those who worship Him don't know that that One is the Father who speaks knowledge. They understand that Krishna played the flute (murli). They don't know at all the occupation of the One they worship. So, that worship etc. would be fruitless until the Father comes. Many of you children have not studied any of the Vedas or scriptures etc. The one true Father is now teaching you. You truly understand that the One who teaches you the truth is only the one Father. The Father is called the Truth. He tells you the true story to change from an ordinary man into Narayan. The meaning is fine. The true Father comes, but if you want to become Narayan from an ordinary man, then He would definitely have to establish the golden age. 

    It would not be the old iron-aged world that is created. At the time of listening to the story, it would not be in any of their intellects that they will become Narayan from an ordinary man. You are now being taught Raja Yoga to change from an ordinary man into Narayan. This is not anything new. The Father says: I come and explain to you every cycle. How could I come in every age? You can show them the picture of Brahma and say: This is the chariot. This is his last impure birth of many births and he is now becoming pure. We are also becoming pure. No one can become pure and sins cannot be absolved without the power of yoga. No one can become pure by bathing in water. This is the fire of yoga. Water extinguishes fire, whereas fire burns. So, water is not a fire through which your sins can be burnt. This one has had the most gurus and he has also studied a lot of scriptures. He was like a pandit in this birth, but there was no benefit through that. He didn't become a pure or charitable soul; he just continued to commit sin. The Father has explained: Those of you who consider yourselves to be children should tell Baba about the sins etc. you have committed, as Baba is personally in front of you, and then that burden of sin will become light. You will become light in this birth. Then, you also have to make effort to remove the burdens of sin of many births that are on your heads. The Father is explaining to you about yoga. It is only with yoga that your sins will be absolved. Only at this time do you hear these things. No one can relate these things in the golden age. The whole drama is predestined. The whole drama continues to turn second by second; one second cannot be the same as the next. Your lifespan also continues to decrease second by second. You are now applying a brake to your lifespan being reduced and are increasing your lifespan with yoga. You children now have to increase your lifespan with the power of yoga. Baba emphasizes yoga a lot, but some don't understand at all. They say: Baba, I forget You. This is why Baba says: Yoga is not anything else; it is just the pilgrimage of remembrance. By remembering the Father, your sins will continue to be cut away. Your final thoughts will lead you to your destination. There is also an example about this. One person said to another: You are a buffalo. So, he began to consider himself to be a buffalo and when he was told to come out of a door, he said: How can I come out of this door, since I am a buffalo? It was as though he truly had become a buffalo. That is just an example that they have made up. Otherwise, there is no one like that. That is not an accurate example. An example is always given of a thing that is based on something real. On the path of devotion people now celebrate festivals about the things that the Father explains to you at this time. They have so many melas etc., but whatever happens at this time is then made into a festival. You are becoming so clean here. People become so dirty at the melas. They rub mud on their bodies because they think that their sins will be erased through that . Baba himself has done all of that. 

    The water in Nasik is very dirty. People go there and rub mud on themselves. They believe that their sins will be absolved. Then, they use water to clean off that mud. When some maharajas etc. went abroad, they used to carry an urn of Ganges water and drink that in the steamer. Previously, there were no aeroplanes or motors etc. Look at all the things they have invented in the last 100 to 150 years. All of this science will be useful at the beginning of the golden age. There, it doesn't take them long to build palaces etc. Your intellects are now becoming divine and so they will be able to do all the work easily. Just as you have mud bricks here, so you have gold bricks there. There is a story of Maya that portrays this. (Bringing a gold brick from the subtle region). They just sat and made up a play to show that there truly are gold bricks in the golden age. That is called the golden age. This is called the iron age. Everyone remembers heaven. Their images exist all the time, and this is why they speak of the original, eternal, ancient religion. Then they speak of the Hindu religion. Because they become vicious, they call themselves Hindus instead of deities. How could they be called deities? Wherever you go, you have to explain this because you are messengers. You have to give the Father's introduction to each and every one. Some will quickly understand that what you are saying is right and that you truly do have two fathers. Some would say that God is omnipresent. You understand that you receive a limited inheritance from one father and that you receive the unlimited inheritance from the parlokik Father for 21 births. You have this knowledge at this time. You don't have this knowledge there. Only at the confluence age do you receive this inheritance so that you are then able to rule the kingdom for birth after birth for 21 generations. You become the masters of the whole world. You have come to know this now. There is no question of those whose intellects have firm faith having any doubts. You receive the unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father. When Shiv Baba comes, He must surely give you the inheritance. This is why Baba says: This badge is very good. You must definitely wear it. You have to give this message to every home. Some will believe you and others will not. When destruction takes place, they will understand that God has come. Then, those to whom you gave the message will remember: Who were those angels dressed in white? You also see angels in the subtle region. You know that Mama and Baba become such angels with the power of yoga and so you can also become that. The Father enters this one and explains all of these things to you. He gives you knowledge directly. You children also have the knowledge in you that Baba has in Him. When you go up above, your parts of knowledge end, and you then play your parts of happiness that you have received and you also forget this knowledge. So, wherever you children go, you should always wear this badge as a sign of being a messenger. 

    Even if others laugh at you, it doesn't matter. Why would they laugh at you since you are telling them right things? That One is the unlimited Father. His name is Shiv Baba. He is the Benefactor. He comes and establishes heaven. This is the most auspicious confluence age. You children have received all of this knowledge, and so why should you forget it? It is absolutely accurate. While you move along, you have to remember the Father and the inheritance: the land of peace and the land of happiness. You children come here and go back having heard the murli, and you then also have to relate it to others. It is not that only one Brahmin teacher reads the murli. Brahmin teachers have to make others the same as themselves and get them ready, because only then will they be able to benefit many. If one teacher goes away, can’t another teacher run that centre? Is it that no knowledge has been imbibed? Students should have the interest to study and teach others. The murli is very easy. Anyone can imbibe knowledge and conduct class. The Father is sitting here. The Father says to the children: You must not have any doubts about anything. It is only the one Father who knows everything. You have just the one aim and objective. There is no need to ask questions about this. I sit in the early morning and help you children on the pilgrimage of remembrance. I remember all the unlimited children. The whole world has to be made pure by you children with the help of your remembrance. It is in this that you each give your finger. The whole world has to be made pure. So, the Father keeps an eye on all the children. All will go to the land of peace. He draws everyone's attention. The Father would also be sitting in the unlimited. I have come to purify the whole world. I am giving a current to the whole world so that it becomes pure. Those who have the full power of yoga would understand that Baba is now sitting here and teaching the pilgrimage of remembrance through which there will be peace in the world. When children stay in remembrance, they receive help. Children who can help are also needed. Only God’s helpers whose intellects have faith will remember the Father. Your first subject is to become pure. That is, you children become instruments along with the Father. You call out to the Father: O Purifier, come! What would He do by Himself? He needs helpers. You know that you will purify the world and then rule the whole world. When your intellects have such faith, you will have that intoxication. You children know that you are establishing your own kingdom for yourselves with the power of your yoga by following the Father's shrimat. This intoxication should rise within you. This is something spiritual. You children know that every cycle Baba makes us into the masters of the world with this spiritual power. You also understand that Shiv Baba comes and establishes heaven. You now just have the concern of this pilgrimage of remembrance on your heads. You have to make effort. While doing your business etc., stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance. The Father inspires you to earn a huge income in order for you to become ever healthy. You now have to forget everything. We souls are now going back. You are made to practise being soul conscious. While eating, drinking, walking and moving around, can you not remember the Father? While sewing clothes, your intellects should be connected in yoga with the Father. This is very easy. You understand that the cycle of 84 births has now ended. The Father has now come to teach us souls Raja Yoga. This world history and geography continue to repeat. The same thing happened in the previous cycle too. It is being repeated now. Only the Father explains the secrets of this repetition to you. Each one has received a part in the drama which each one continues to play. Children are given advice: Remember the Father and you will become satopradhan and then your bodies will be shed. You souls now have it in your intellects that you have to become satopradhan because you now have to return home. You would not say this in the golden age. There, you would say: You have to shed one old body and take another. There, there is no question of sorrow. Here, this is the land of sorrow. They are an old bodies, and so you understand that you have to shed them and return home. You have to remember the Father constantly. That incorporeal Father alone is the Ocean of Knowledge. Only He comes and grants everyone salvation. The Father says: I also uplift the sages. You now have to have yoga with the one Father. All of you souls have a right to claim the inheritance from the Father. Consider yourselves to be souls and become soul conscious and constantly remember the Father and your sins will continue to be cut away. Achcha.

    To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

    Essence for Dharna

    1. Listen to the murli and then relate it to others. As well as studying, also teach others. Become benefactors. Your badge is a sign of you being a messenger. So, always wear your badge.

    2. In order to establish peace in the world, stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance. Just as the Father's vision is unlimited and He gives a current to make the whole world pure, so, follow the Father and become His helpers too.


    May you donate as a great donor and a blessed soul to every soul who comes into connection or relationship with you.

    Give whoever comes into a connection or relationship with you throughout the day a donation of one or another power, point of knowledge or virtue. You have treasures of knowledge, and also treasures of powers and virtues. So, let no day pass without your giving a donation and you would then be said to be a great donor. 2) The spiritual meaning of the word “donation” is co-operation. With the environment of your elevated stage and the vibrations of your attitude, give co-operation to every soul and you will then be said to be a blessed soul.


    The faces of those who are close to BapDada and the family smile with contentment, spirituality and happiness.

    ***OM SHANTI***

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